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Interviews Up The Wazoo

20 May

CrisOpen Media Day saw several of the players chatting with the press in the mixed zone. First up, Cristiano. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Cristiano Ronaldo & Isco

29 Dec

cristiano ronaldo isco real madrid 2013Cristiano is always a good support system for the young’uns. And this pairing comes with the hilarious portmanteau Crisco. Continue reading

UPDATED: In Instanbul…

16 Sep

tumblr_mt7xcv9js91ree1zeo1_500So, here’s a few more pictures of the team’s arrival today. Things were pretty busy. There were pressers (Carlo & Isco) as well as a training at Ali Sami Yen Stadium. Continue reading

When Gareth Met Crispy And Other Tales

12 Sep

tumblr_msynsnd0M91sbj3p3o1_1280Gareth arrived for his first real day of work yesterday looking for all the world like a schoolboy starting freshman year. Backwards cap? Check. Backpack? Check. Except it all probably cost bank. Continue reading