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Ballon F’ive

7 Dec

I’m back! Kind of…I brought back a very special souvenir of my vacation – some sort of tropical crud that ended me up in the hospital last night – I kid you not – so I’m on doctor ordered bed rest for the next few days. But I would be remiss if I didn’t do a brief post to celebrated Cristiano’s fifth Ballon D’or! Well deserved! Continue reading

UPDATED: Ballon D’os & Ballon D’ont’s

11 Jan

I gotta say absolutely everything today, including the Ballon D’Or, paled in comparison to the loss of David Bowie, an icon and a true pioneer who affected my life on every level.  Continue reading

Friday Training

23 Aug

Entrenamiento (14)If you’re anything like me, you probably spent the day in a puddle of emotions looking at Raul pictures. We’ll have a big ol’ Raul round up and recap, but it’s too overwhelming right now. ::sniffle:: (So many beautiful pictures! Guti shaved his head! Pipa tweeted. ARRRRRRRGH!)

So let’s look at training instead. The RM photogs were obvs crushing on Marcelo today. They posted two beautiful shots. Continue reading

Arriving in Barcelona

26 Feb

Llegada_a_Barcelona (10)The team arrived in Barcelona and were greeted by over 400 enthusiastic fans. Iker came along for moral support! Hooray! Albiol has the flu and Marcelo stayed home as well. Continue reading

Arriving In La Coruña & Criska Meet The Fans

22 Feb
Llegada_a_La_Coruýa (5)

Is that Undercover Iker on the far right?

The team arrived in La Coruña and were greeted by over 500 enthusiastic fans. They were about to get one more surprise when they found out who would be signing autographs: Criska! Continue reading

Training And Concentracion

12 Feb

The team had it’s last training today before the match tomorrow. Argh – I’m on pins and needles, how about you guys? Cristiano seemed to be in a great mood – check out the ‘come hither’ look he’s aiming at his boo, Kaka. Continue reading

Saturday Training, Presser & Concentracion

15 Dec


Sorry I’ve been absent all day. I’ve got one helluva a cold and I feel wretched. I’ve been asleep all day trying to keep it from getting worse. But got up to get something to eat so I might as well update the blog, right? PRIORITIES! 🙂 That said, it’s going to be a drive by so I can get back to sleep. Continue reading

Off To Cyprus!

25 Mar

Time for the travel pix! Sergio is taking his new purple bag with him on the trip to Cyprus. Must be love!  What does everyone think of Fabio’s new haircut, BTW? Continue reading


20 Feb

I just rolled my arse out of bed after pulling another school related all-nighter and found a message from watishista Elisha waiting for me. Thank you so much girl! You have brought tidings of the end of our long communal nightmare. The bromance is back! Continue reading

Training and Mallorca Call Up

13 Jan

For the second day in a row, Pipita and Sergio decided to strike an adorable pose for the cameras at training. It’s like they know the fangirls are watching! Imagine that.  But Real Madrid has bigger problems as we go into tomorrow’s game with Mallorca… Continue reading