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The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – Criska

28 Oct

Seemingly polar opposites, these two are all about the love. They’re one of footy’s strongest bromances. You couldn’t pry them apart if you tried.
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3 Goals In 9 Minutes? No Problem For CR7.

21 Jul

And fangirl heads around the world exploded...

Ah, lovely! Some Criska to get the day started. If Cris performs this well after handholding with Kaka, they should start every game like this. A new ritual! I’m a bit slow on the uptake this morning because the game didn’t end until about 1:00 AM my time. I know some of you overseas had it much worse than I did, so I’ll stop complaining. Anyhow, coffee in hand, I take on the recap…
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Bits & Bobs: Hot Pants, Harems, Hurts & Hala Madrid!

14 Jul

Sigh. Cris continues his habit of making his training shorts into hot pants. I mean, I shouldn’t be complaining because he has amazing thighs, but I just have to shake my head whenever I see him do this.
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Life With The Ramos, Roaming Silvas, Matching Shoes, Passing Drug Tests

15 Jun

The Ramos and his buds were out and about enjoying fruity drinks and some chillaxing time.  I can kinda imagine the scenario – picture this:
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Tomorrow’s Squad List And Damage Control

6 May


The squad list for tomorrow’s match is up and no real surprises…

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Mou Speaks, The Ikerpus Decision, Articles and Even More Training Pictures

19 Apr

Mou held his press conference and said among other things that it is he, not Alfredo Di Stefano, who makes the decisions about the game. Oh snap!  He was respectful about it but he’s right – doesn’t matter what others think – the decision rests with him.

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Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About!

7 Feb

Man oh man, it sure was good to see the boys returning to the form of earlier this season! It was a great game and tons of fun. It was fast paced with good crisp passing and damn…it was just such a RELIEF after the past few weeks (heck, month?) of lackluster play. HALA MADRID!

Kaka started things off at the 8th minute with a lovely left footed finish. It was wonderful to see him in the starting line up and scoring so soon. He’s definitely getting back up to speed.

Kaka scores!

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Screw you, Sevilla*

27 Jan

*To be fair that should be “Screw you, Sevilla fans who throw shit.” HOWEVER, I do think that the management of Sevilla has to take some responsibility for riling up the fans with tales of Real Madrid unduly influencing the referees and the video/flyer campaign. If  this is the sort of behavior that the management of the club models for the fans, is it any wonder that things got violent?

You stay classy, Sevilla.

You stay classy, Sevilla.

(Courtesy of the brilliant Dirty Tackle)

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Criska all up in da hizzy!

11 Jan

Well then,  what about Villareal? What a game! Villareal dominated the first half getting two past San Iker (the horrors!) but Crissy managed 2 goals to equalize before the half.

Pobrecito Iker!

Iker says "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"

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The Headbands & Heartbreak Glossary

10 Jan

So, yeah, we use a lot of in jokes and abbreviations.  We decided to have mercy on you and let you in on our lingo. Here’s a quick way to know what we’re ranting about at any given time.  This will be added to and if there’s something missing, please feel free to let us know!



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