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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – All Stars: Crozil (Cristiano Ronaldo & Mesut Ozil)

29 Dec

14-01-2011-01-01-01-921MDF41855Ah, the epic bromance that started this blog! (Remember this post?) I thought it would be a good time to revisit Crozil. Listen up Cris fanboys (I’m looking at you G-Money, James & Jese), this is how it’s done. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale

31 Dec

tumblr_mtdpswKy8p1sj22zao1_1280Had to save this one for last! Crisba is the premier bromance on Real Madrid this year. Gareth is a tad…obsessed to the point where I’m afraid he might go all Single Orange Male on Cristiano. (I imagine this running through Gareth’s head whenever he looks at Cris). But out of this hero worship, we were given the great gift that is Gareth’s Secret Diary. I do love Crisba. It’s entertaining as hell to see Gareth fangirling harder than any of us ever could and he tries his best for his Crissy, so it all works out to our advantage. Stan on, young Bale! (The only person who might fangirl for CR7 harder is Remy Cabella. We should sign him and watch the cat fights begin!) Continue reading

Mesut on CNN

2 Aug

Was just about to go to sleep when I realized I totally forgot to post this! I love the headline “Mesut Ozil: Real Madrid must keep Ronaldo” and amazingly, there’s no subtitle that says “Because he’s my boo & you can’t split up Crozil, you bastards! We’ve already see what you did with Arbeloa & Albiol and we won’t stand for it!‘  Or maybe that’s just me talking.  Enjoy the video and article! I really must hit the hay now.

– Lozil


9 Jan

94d5e1ee5aae11e288bf22000a9f13cb_7Went ’round to Arbie’s Instagram and saw this great picture: Sex Beard meets Crozil. Nice! There were also quite a few wonderful candid family shots. Puppies and bebe Alba after the jump! Continue reading

Mou Vs. The Press/Sergzil Stats/Puppet Outrage/”Badass” Birthday Boy

11 Feb

Insert perverse caption here...

These boys just make it so easy, don’t they? Sigh. Never change Real Madrid. Your ability to inspire pervy thoughts is just marvelous.

Los Blancos got down to business today ::ahem:: as they had their final training session before tomorrow’s match with Levante.
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They Said It, I Didn’t (But I’ve Thought It)

31 Aug

From RealMadrid.com today. CROZIL, 4EVA! Kaka is gonna be soooo pissed! (I should mention, this is how Google Translate took on the Spanish version of the site. The English version is boring. It says “Ozil: Ronaldo’s Top Assist Man”)

Random Moments…

5 Aug

D’awwwwwww!  This is such a sweet picture. Cris is being a doll with the kids and they are flat out adorable. Look at their oversize kits and their wee little socks!  That wasn’t the only cute woobins hanging around in a Real Madrid kit. Feast your eyes on this bebe.
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Ouch And Hooray!

22 May

That picture kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Ronaldo triumphs and Almeria is deader than a doornail. The “ouch” is for both me and Almeria. I threw out my back this morning and I’m in quite a bit of pain (as I imagine the relegated Almeria is tonight. My condolences). I’m just trying to stay resting quietly until I go to my acupuncturist tomorrow morning.  I hobbled on down to the pub to watch our boys play the last match of the season and Crissy break the La Liga scoring record. I wasn’t disappointed!
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Hot Damn!

15 May

Crispy, you beast of a man! Mazel tov on tying the records set by Telmo Zarra and Hugo Sanchez: 38 goals in one season in La Liga.  And there’s still one game left!
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A Record Smashing, Nose Busting, Debuting Kind of Day

11 May

Wowsa! Crissy is just on fire this season! With his hat trick today, he has become Real Madrid’s  all time top scorer across a single season. Over all competitions he has scored a total of 49 goals…thus far! (36 goals in La Liga, 6 in the Champions League and 7 in the Copa del Rey).  You just have to recognize – the guy can score! Do you remember at the beginning of the season where we were all discussing his goal drought? Yeah, not so much anymore, eh? At this point, he’s 5 goals ahead of Leo Messi for the pichichi.  He is also on track to break the all time leading season scoring record for Real Madrid of 38  goals (set by Hugo Sanchez in 1989/90).  He is also the only player in La Liga  to have scored 6 hat tricks in one season. And 7 goals in the last 2 games. Damn, boy!

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