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What A Day For Cris!

8 May

Cris takes his lucky jump as he enters the pitch. Yep, that worked!

Ah, this will be a quickie. I’m sleepy, I’m watching Saturday Night Live and I have a busy day of school work ahead of me tomorrow. What a match and what a spanking for Sevilla. I was truly surprised at the final score. I expected a more balanced game.

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Squad List and Training Pix for El Clasico #3

26 Apr

The boys had their last training today before tomorrow’s Champions League clash against Barcelona.  The squad lists were also announced.

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Put On Your Game Face: White Hart Lane Edition

15 Apr

Way to make the hottest team in the world look like the Chess Club!

Check out Crozil in their matchy-matchy Superfly boots. That’s a whole lotta purple going on. We’re look like we’re one step away from Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka (or you know, a perp walk).

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Updated: How Crissy Got His Groove Back…

3 Mar

Step off, Malaga! Crispy’s back!

Well, so much for Crissy’s goal “drought” eh?  Real Madrid spanked Malaga for a final score of 7-0. I actually felt bad for Malaga and Pelligrini. It must have been humiliating.  But seriously, they just didn’t play well. Holes all over the defense and they were outclassed at every turn. And we had a lot to prove after Saturday’s tie vs. Deportivo. It was a massacre…

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More on the Lyon game…

23 Feb

I found a few more pictures from the Lyon game that tickled my fancy…

I mean, SERIOUSLY, Real Madrid? You thought this was an AWESOME shot to grace your front page this morning?! Mesut looks like the Prince of the Undead about to suck away Karim’s lifeblood! OH WAIT A MINUTE! I’ve figured it out! This is another example of your attempts to position Ozil for the tween market! Yesterday, you were giving him the full on Bieber powder treatment and today, you’re getting all Twilight on his ass! Smart marketing. Color me impressed. But wait! Does that mean that… Continue reading

Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About!

7 Feb

Man oh man, it sure was good to see the boys returning to the form of earlier this season! It was a great game and tons of fun. It was fast paced with good crisp passing and damn…it was just such a RELIEF after the past few weeks (heck, month?) of lackluster play. HALA MADRID!

Kaka started things off at the 8th minute with a lovely left footed finish. It was wonderful to see him in the starting line up and scoring so soon. He’s definitely getting back up to speed.

Kaka scores!

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Let’s Hear It For The (New) Boys!

3 Feb

Let’s give the boys a haaaaannnnnd!  We did it! We came, we saw, we scored (twice) and now Sevilla can put a sock in it.

Let's hear it for my baby, you know you gotta understand....

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Osasuna, Oh Hells No…

1 Feb
OMG. OMFG. ::headdesk::  Yeah, that’s about how I felt after the game on Sunday. I’m sure y’all did as well. But as I’ve said before, I’m ride or die, win or lose with this team, so HALA MADRID!  (Even though we played like…ugh).
“Erm, uh, yeah, um…that…sucked”

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Screw you, Sevilla*

27 Jan

*To be fair that should be “Screw you, Sevilla fans who throw shit.” HOWEVER, I do think that the management of Sevilla has to take some responsibility for riling up the fans with tales of Real Madrid unduly influencing the referees and the video/flyer campaign. If  this is the sort of behavior that the management of the club models for the fans, is it any wonder that things got violent?

You stay classy, Sevilla.

You stay classy, Sevilla.

(Courtesy of the brilliant Dirty Tackle)

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Atleti, Ole!

17 Jan

Real Madrid met Atletico Madrid on Thursday in the Copa Del Rey competition.  The meeting of hometown teams  is always a heated occasion and this was no exception.  Diego Forlan and his headband drew first blood 7 minutes into the match.

Diego Forlan scores

Forlan manages to get ball, Ramos into the net

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