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Recovery Session, Lucas Extends, Thighs In Motion & Pony PR0N

27 Oct

_he22161thumbThe team held a recovery session after yesterday’s goal fest vs. Cultura y Deportivo Leonesa in the Copa Del Rey. Continue reading

Ready For Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa

25 Oct

_1rm7879What a fantastic shot of K-Nav! He looks hella foxy and determined. Our foes better beware! Continue reading

Recovery Session, Copa Del Rey Prep & More

24 Oct

_4am3598thumbThe team had a recovery session today and also began to prepare for Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey match vs. Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa. Continue reading

Rainy Day Victory Over Athletic 2-1

24 Oct

_4am3042thumbBack on top of the table, y’all!

I’ll be taking over match recaps while mygypsyspirit moves and gets herself settled. I can’t hope to hold a candle to her skills in this regard, so it will be quick and dirty. I don’t think I’ve done a match recap since 2011 so excuse my rustiness. Continue reading

Ready To Take On Betis & Copa Del Rey Opponents

14 Oct

gal1_he15816thumbThe boys finished their final session before traveling tomorrow to face Real Betis. Continue reading