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The FInal Final Pre-Sevilla Session & Happy Papi’s Day

19 Mar

Satellite (7)Okay, the mothership was full of shit yesterday. Today was the final training session. Sigh. Continue reading

A Few More Sunday Bits & Bobs

9 Jun

e4f2bb2acef311e2ae6922000ae902d1_7Here’s a few more goodies from some of our players as I’ve been a bit sucky about keeping up with them! Luka posted some pictures from his new baby daughter Ema’s christening and Ivano’s birthday. What a cute little family!  Continue reading

Play Misty For Me*

31 Dec

Entrenamiento (2)Sorry, couldn’t resist with all this fog. *Here’s your soundtrack for this post. I just want to note that the obsessed footy fans here have NOTHING in common with psycho Evelyn Draper in Play Misty For Me. Honest. For reals. I swear. (If you haven’t seen the movie,  it’s well worth a rental. It’s the proto-Fatal Attraction, young Clint Eastwood is pretty damn hot and seeing the future  Lucille Bluth go absolutely apeshit is priceless.). Anyway, back to our misty boys. Continue reading