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It Just Keeps Getting Better!

13 Jan

tumblr_mzco5lVxke1rjev45o1_500Man, I love the Ballon D’or. This is what Dani Alves chose to wear for his portrait. And you think that’s merely an ugly ass Cosby sweater? Oh no, people, it has leather fringe! Continue reading

UPDATED: That Awkward Moment When You Match The Red Carpet

13 Jan

MessiAs promised, Messi’s red suit. This screenshot doesn’t show how horrifically shiny it is, but the next one gives you an idea. Continue reading

Real Fan. Real Energy. Real Madrid.& It’s Samba Time!

6 Nov

Remember when we had our third kit launch? Well, here’s a little video of the Adidas contest winners who got to meet Marcelo, Benz & G-Money. I can’t believe they didn’t take advantage of Karim’s special skill set and let him take that elevator selfie! Continue reading

A Little International Picture Dump

12 Oct

tumblr_muj37ix0DE1sbj3p3o1_500Since things are quiet in Real Madrid Land, I thought I’d drop a few pictures of international duty. Maisougio will post La Roja pictures separately.  Continue reading

This? Repulsive.

31 Jan

BB9G73GCcAAhLRjSome a-hole Real Madrid “fan” was caught on camera making monkey noises at Dani Alves during yesterday’s match. What a douchebag. Three cheers however, for the fan who held up a sign saying “The team doesn’t matter, to racism you say NO” Damn straight you do.

Alves wants (and rightfully so) some sort of action from Spanish footballing authorities. I’d like to see our club speak out about this, find the fan and ban them along with any others responsible. This is bullshit. Please, Real Madrid, stand up to the arseholes. Make us proud by taking a strong stance. It’s long past time for some concrete action.

(Thanks to @pinpanpam for the picture and translation)

– Lozil

Training, Sese Presser, Bits & Bobs

3 Jan

Entrenamiento (13)Busy times at work and Chez Lozil these days. The universe doesn’t seem to realize my true calling as a chronicler of footy pulchritude for the perving masses is being affected as a result. Sigh.

Our boys were back to training (and I hope it wasn’t as freaking cold in Madrid as it was in NYC today. Brrrrr!) with Real Madrid C’s Llorente, Joel and Álvaro joining them. Continue reading

Our Boys Make Awesome Commercials

6 Jun

Check out this beauty of an ad featuring the German NT for Mercedes. Ozi looks amaaaze, as does the rest of the team, the only thing missing is….Sami 😦 And I’m really digging the footy/dub-step combo! BEEEEEEEEWW DDEEWWWWW  duhduhduhduh WAA-AA-A-A-AAHHHH…sorry, had to. Continue reading

So Does ‘Big Hugh’ Play In La Liga?

15 May

If anyone is going to be in Miami on June 23rd, you need to check out the World Soccer Masters match. Who is playing you may ask? How about Messi, Falcao, Diego Forlán, Didier Drogba, Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, Luis Suárez, Edison Cavani, Jozy Altidore, Julio Cesar, Diego Milito, Materazzi, Lucio, Torrado, Diego Lugano and Alessandro Nesta to name just a few (more to be announced)? In our second unintentionally hilarious footy commercial of the week, Lil’ Leo falls prey to someone’s Ikerlish translation and tells us of a “big hugh” with a thumbs up. Whether he’s offering us a gran abrazo or announcing a special guest player remains to be seen. 😉

– Lozil

I’m Pretty Sure They Make A Cream For That, Dude

5 Apr

Something’s gotten into Barca’s pants and it ain’t Shakira this time!  But whether it’s garden variety jock itch or straight up crabs, might I suggest that Mssrs. Cuenca, Alves and Messi get themselves to the nearest pharmacy, stat? Ew. If I was their opponent, I’d be skipping the pre-game handshake after watching this. (Cuenca is REALLY going for it, isn’t he? And why is everything backwards in this video?)

(Via Kickette)

– Lozil

Bits and Bobs: Cesc Socializing, Water Wings, Victory, Bad Hair and Transfers

22 Jun

Awkward moments on the town with Cesc Fabregas:“Hey Gio, haven’t seen you since the World Cup Final! Wasn’t that day awesome?! Oh…um, never mind”

Cesc continues to live it up in Jakarta. He tweeted this picture of himself hanging out with Dutch ‘baller Gio van Bronckhorst. He wasn’t the only one enjoying himself today. New pix of the Torres family surfaced as well in the Daily Mail (along with Rio Ferdinand in a pool surrounded by women, but I don’t much care about that). Clickthrough for the ovary exploding cuteness…
Continue reading