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It’s Official: Danilo To Manchester City

23 Jul

Danilo has signed (subject to a work permit) a five year deal to Manchester City for a reported £26.5m. If all goes well with the work permit, we’ll see him again on Wednesday when we face City in the ICC. Best of luck, Danilo (unless you’re playing against us, of course).

– Lozil

Catching Up With The Guys In LA

18 Jul

Lots of stuff has happened in the past 5 days. Sese has joined the gang, there has been birthdays and visitors and lots and lots of training. Here’s a brief recap (and hopefully my life will slow down a bit this week so that I can keep up easier. Continue reading

A Four Wedding Weekend!

18 Jun

A whopping four Madrid players said “I do” this weekend around the globe: Danilo, Kovacic, Lucas and Morata. Continue reading

Friday Training, Clinic Kiddies And the “Canadian Marcelo”

22 Jul

_HH21072Thumb,0The team continued training for the fifth day in a row. How good is it to see The Baby back in action? Continue reading

Catching Up: Training, Fixtures, New Kits and Birthdays!

15 Jul

Satellite (4)Well, the pre-season prep is heating up. Pre-season starts officially tomorrow. Lots to catch up on! Marcelo & Dani were the first to get back to work on Wednesday. Continue reading

Training, Birthday Boy, 5 Star Performances & King Muppet Baby On The Move?

5 Feb

Satellite (9)The team continued training in prep for Sunday’s match vs. Granada along with Castilla striker Mariano. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Awards, Ouchies & An Interview

10 Sep

Satellite (1)Yoinks! Getting home from work super late puts everything behind schedule. So this will be a drive by as I want to get it up before midnight.  The team finished their fourth training session of the week. Continue reading

Casemiro & Danilo Get Weekend Duty

16 Aug

Satellite (12)While the team had the weekend off, Danilo & Casemiro got roped into a little PR duty. They took the Bernabeu tour to the delight of visiting fans. Continue reading

Tuesday In Melbourne

21 Jul

Satellite (3)Another driveby as I’m heading out to meet watishistas Shigs & ForzaSusan for a spot of dinner before the PSG/Fiorentina game tonight. Continue reading

Training & A Serenade

16 Jul
Satellite (4)

“Listen G-Money, go on a goal scoring rampage and I’ll try to forget about the hair, mmkay?”

Getting home so late from work means RM is already well into their day in Melbourne. So here’s what happened earlier. And by that, I mean earlier in my time zone, as in the 16th of July. 😉 Continue reading