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Pipita: Shakin’ (Massive) Ass & Breaking Records

18 May

13248610_10209285876853469_8689946830046995902_oWatishista/Napoli fan extraordinaire Maria Rosaria is over the moon that her beloved Pipita broke a 66 year Serie A scoring record. I’m right there with her! Hala Pipita! Continue reading

Things like this, just can’t wait…

21 Jun


So……Commando Nando. Yeah. It has a nice ring to it, right? Y’all are most welcome. 😉

Pic via zenzeropurosport.


Palate Cleaning Pipita

28 Jan

tbarWith all the dramz swirling around us, I thought we should look at something pleasant to take our mind off it. Enjoy Pipita’s fabulicious thunder thighs, courtesy of higuainismo. And the video after the jump made me burst out laughing. I think we need a good giggle tonight, don’t you? Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The Booty

8 Jun


Thanks to Watishista Fergie who linked us to this video of Pipa discussing, but no touching, his marvelous backside! The journalist is persistent but she was not getting even a finger on that bum, nuh uh, she should be happy that she even got that close to it. Be grateful woman! Translation after the jump. Continue reading