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UPDATED: Sometimes, Swear Words Are The Only Option

28 Apr

largeSo much to say but quite frankly, some things about this whole episode leave me speechless or more accurately, unable to express myself with anything other than a steady stream of swear words. Continue reading

Neymar Makes A Tiny Pitch Invader’s Day

5 Mar

Neymar was responsible for a sweet little moment after Brazil’s game vs. South Africa. Continue reading

Happy 2013!

1 Jan

644363_526839164012980_1156557019_nHope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! This is going to be a quick and dirty post as I have to race off to meet watishista P to watch Arsenal v. Southampton. My love of The Ox knows no bounds. Iker invites you into this post by tossing his grapes and no, that’s not a euphemism. Continue reading

Catching Up On Bits & Bobs: Internationals, Travel, Bebes And More Part I

14 Oct

Prepare for an epic two part Bits & Bobs! First up the social media mad Brazilians who posted tons of pictures. Kaka, David Luiz, Neymar and Marcelo led the charge. Kaka seems to be really happy to be back on the squad and is celebrating by getting Neymar in a headlock. (Be scared, Neymar, be very scared!) Look how big and burly Kaka is next to him. Continue reading

Spain, Germany, Argentina & Brazil Action

9 Oct

Hey all, here’s a quick picture/video dump of some national team action. I need to pop this up here and get to bed. Very hectic day ahead of me tomorrow. First up, Spain’s training. Continue reading

Some Bedtime Bits & Bobs

6 Sep

Mmmmmm, pretty. Just got myself back online after work, a work out and finally getting some dinner. The Democratic National Convention is keeping me company as I pull together a few bits & bobs before bedtime. First up, some national team goodies. Continue reading

A Lot Of Catching Up To Do…

13 Aug

Yes, my lazy arse is finally back to posting. Sorry I’ve neglected you for the past few days. I got back from Philly late on Saturday night and spent almost all of Sunday fast asleep. I was worn out! Didn’t even turn on my computer.  Shout outs to Team Sweaty Shanks (DK, J-9, Shiggers & ginboonmiller) who accompanied me on the journey and awesome watishistas mygypsyspirit, conflictedinspain, Mandi & blackwidow who we got to meet up with. I really enjoyed hanging out with you ladies! I’m so sunburned that I glow in the dark and I could sleep for another week straight, but I had a wonderful time at the pre-season matches.

RM arrived in Spain yesterday (exceptions being the La Roja players that were called up). They didn’t waste any time hauling arse outta there after the game. Heck, Mesut posted a shot of them on the plane while we were enjoying our post-match pints. Continue reading

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: Ball Work, Bats, Brothers, The ‘Mourinho Way’ And More

30 Jul

Here’s some shots from the second training along with some bits & bobs that I’ve collected throughout the day. Training legs ahead!

Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Beardless, Brazilians, Blue Eyes, Bojan, Bikes, Books, Boys & Brotherly Love!

25 Jul

The Sex Beard is gone again. Sergio tweeted 2 new shots today. Looks like it was gone as of last night. Sigh. It’ll be back! Continue reading