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Wednesday Training & International Reunions

23 Mar

Satellite (10)A quick post as my life seems to revolve around packing boxes and bubble wrap  these days. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Fernando Torres & David Villa

13 Dec

tumblr_l6c7cnZBaL1qczu73o1_1280Silva’s look says it all, doesn’t it? He sure doesn’t ship this bromance. Tsk tsk! Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: David Silva & Joe Hart

11 Dec

article-2245051-166957DF000005DC-960_634x508Polar opposites height-wise, teammates David Silva & Joe Hart make up for it bromantically. Continue reading

SD Eibar for the Double Win

27 Aug

DefiendeAlEibarDid anyone watch the SD Eibar vs Real Sociedad match on Saturday? No? Alrighty then. I did watch, partly because I like to cheer for the underdogs and partly because I wanted to see how my investment would work out.

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Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas

4 Mar


Can everyone step AWAY from the big razor, please?? They’ve already got poor Albiol and Cesc! From bearded glory to teenage “price check on aisle 5” grocery boys. *cries* La Roja needs more sponsors that are Team Preserve The Sex Beard! You gotta love VdB’s “Go for my stache & I’ll cut a bitch” look though.

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“Who let Diego Costa in here?”

4 Mar


You know peeps were thinking that upon his arrival today…mmhmm. Boy, I would not want to be in his position. It’s tough enough being the new guy, imagine being the new guy AND Diego Costa. Yikes, no thank you! I’m sure Diego thought his arrival was going to be the attention grabber of the day and maybe it was in other places, but at HB&HB we’re all about the easy, breezy, beautiful Xabi arrival and Sergio’s crotch pockets…yes, crotch pockets. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: David Silva & Jesus Navas

7 Dec

Spain's Silva celebrates with team mate Navas after scoring a goal against Colombia during their international friendly soccer match in MadridAlthough they are best known for bromancing with others (Villa & Sergio, respectively), these two itty bittys find time for some manly snuggling at Manchester City & with La Roja. Continue reading

WC Qualifier: Spain vs Belarus

13 Oct


No one objects to opening with this shot right? Sometimes you just gotta go straight to the dessert, am I right or am I right? 😉 Continue reading

Day Two of La Roja Action

9 Oct


Who likes a big ol’ training badonk? I do! We all do! Poor Valdes is focusing on the wrong bit of roundness, tsk tsk. The boys got right back into it today, working those fine bootays out!

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La Roja Days Are Here Again

8 Oct


Sergio presents us with a very interesting juxtaposition, pairing his Virgin Mary tee with his Dsquared crotch. Where will our eyes go first? (no surprise) Why do I feel guilty? Why is he testing us?? I give up, you sexy, sexay thang.

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