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Big Flow-tastic

26 Mar

Greetings from the Ancestral Land of Xabis where watishista mygypsyspirit and I have managed not to be swept out to sea in the frequent torrential rain/hail storms. The pinxtos are great, the men even better and we’ll let you know about the football tomorrow. What was NOT good is watching RM lose tonight. Seriously bummed us out. But thanks to Jese & Big Flow (with cameos from Derik & Omar), we had something to make us smile (a wee bit) again. You also REALLY need to see the gifs from the video created by watishista pinpanpam because they are epic.

And now, to bed. I’ve got a long awaited lunch date with one of the gods of Basque gastronomy tomorrow and a footy match at night.

– Lozil

Tuesday Bits & Bobs

28 May

BLYE8z0CIAECGIzIker was in Qatar today to open an Aspire Academy and look who he was interviewed with – RAUL! (Squee!) Continue reading

Pre-Bernabeu Trophy Training And Other Bits & Bobs

26 Sep

Sorry for the quick posts lately. It’s busy times all up in Chez Lozil. I just finished watching the Bernabeu Trophy match while I was doing other work. Sheesh! I don’t like such one sided games, but it was really good to see some folks getting playing time and some of the bebes making their debuts. Anyhow, here are the pre-match training shots. In addition to all of the first team,  Pacheco, Fabinho, Derik, Alex, Mosquera, Omar, Denis and Mario Hermoso joined in. Continue reading