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Sexual Harrassment Panda And More

10 Feb

tumblr_n0s7hoI42a1qftb6ko1_500Arbeloa is bucking to win the Bad Touch Pichichi for Team Show Me On The Doll. SMDH. This team needs a visit from Sexual Harrassment Panda, stat. And G-Money, where is your hand going? I think you’re picking up some sketchy habits from your colleagues. Continue reading

First Training Of The Week

30 Sep
"Son, that was one helluva judo flip you pulled off on Saturday!"

“Son, that was one helluva judo flip you pulled off on Saturday!”

So, the less said about that clusterfuck on Saturday, the better, but being me, of course,  I have a few things to say because, lordy, the screeching that went on over the weekend was nigh unbearable. Internet, you exhaust me. I had to step away from the computer yesterday so I didn’t put my fist through it. So, my thoughts… Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Diego Costa

24 Sep

Brazilian striker Diego plays for Atletico Madrid. For the second half of last season he was on loan to Rayo Vallencano but now he’s back in the fold!