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DLo Says Goodbye

14 Aug

Satellite (1)The mothership posted a goodbye letter from Diego and it is just lovely. Get out the tissues. Continue reading

It’s Official: Diego Lopez To AC Milan

13 Aug

DLO12We knew it was going down when he arrived in Milan Monday night, but it’s finally official. He signed a contract until June 30, 2018. Continue reading

It’s Official: Keylor Navas Signs To Real Madrid & Our Drama Continues

4 Aug

This all went down yesterday, but I couldn’t cope with talking about it once I got home. (He’s signed a 6 year contract and will be presented tomorrow. Here’s some more info)

No doubt in my mind that Navas is a terrific goalkeeper, but…did we really need him? Nah. And of course, we already have plenty of drama surrounding our goalkeepers.  Continue reading

We Did It

27 May

Oh my, oh my, I’m still feeling this way, three days later. What a freakin’ RIDE that match was. I’m pretty sure RM had us feeling every emotion known to man, during the course of those 120 or so minutes. Fear, sadness, anger, shock, hope, happiness, ecstasy, it was all that and thankfully not in the opposite order! We did it, we did it, we did it! It’s so good to be a Madridista.

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Everybody’s A Model These Days

27 May

Ronaldo_5_small-449x675Let’s start with Cris (and Cris Jr!). He’s the new brand ambassador for Tag Heuer watches. The company kindly treated us to some great pictures and a Behind the Scenes video chock full of Junior. Continue reading

Well…It’s Still Mathematically Possible

6 May
Embed from Getty Images

Luckily, roadtripping prevented me from catching this match, so I was spared the heart attack but not the heartache. An Atletico loss is just what we needed and we failed to take advantage. Thanks to the spectacular, last minute goal from Cristiano, we came away with a point instead of none. $#@!$@!%#&! I want off this crazy La Liga roller coaster, my emotions can’t deal!

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2 May
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Goal-fest Against Osasuna

28 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

Saturday’s performance against Osasuna better have been a preview of what we’re going to see tomorrow! Heavy on the goals, that’s the kinda thing we like (and need) ’round here!!

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Final Whistle Means Party Time a.k.a Drunk Xabi Time

19 Apr

I love that once the title is secured, we know exactly what to expect next….locker room dancing, heavily gif’d shenanigans (bless the giffers!), and DRUNK XABI. A win just wouldn’t be the same without the latter!

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18 Apr


We….did….IT!!!!! Faq, it feels good to have a trophy again, doesn’t it?? I still don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet. Not that I didn’t think the boys could do it, they just stir up a whirlwind of emotions & it takes time for me to process all the cray! And by cray I mean watching the celebrations, anticipating a Copa accident, and then being slightly disappointed that the thing made it out alive… But shit….now that we have one, let’s go for a fuckin’ clean sweep. The treble, boys, THE TREBLE!

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