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Sunday Bits & Bobs: Part I

15 Jul

21399_275511912587848_1495007590_nAnd now we’re on to the first of the evening’s bits & bobs posts. Here’s Albiol with his girls. Look at how Alma is looking adoringly up at her papi. Alicia must be due any day now.  I can’t wait to see their baby boy. I’ll miss this family if they head off to Napoli but just as with Calleti, I will keep track of them. Continue reading

Will NO ONE Think Of Shiggers?!

21 Sep

So Kaka’s brother Digão, who is a recent addition to the New York Red Bulls squad, shared something that is going to disturb the ever living hell out of Shiggers.  When I read it this morning, I burst out laughing.  I’ve bolded the extra traumatizing parts at the end. Continue reading

I Suppose We Shouldn’t Tell Shiggers About This

14 Sep

When watishisto PLL tweeted the news, I burst out laughing. It appears that the New York Red Bulls have signed Digão, Kaka’s brother. Read ’em and weep. I now have a less than zero percent chance of getting her to accompany to a Red Bulls game.  I didn’t even tell her that Carol was here for Fashion Week. I thought her head would explode from that. Little did I know… For Shigs’ sake, I hope that there aren’t a lot of familial visits. Not sure how much of a deal the Red Bulls got. He’s 27 and appears to have played only about 40 matches as a pro. Even though he was at Milan from 2005-2011, he spent the bulk of that time out on loan. Well, I guess we’ll see, eh?

– Lozil