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The Daily Drool: Ángelo Henríquez

20 May

Ángelo Henríquez21 year old striker Ángelo currently plays Dinamo Zagreb on loan from Manchester United. He has represented Chile at the U15, U17, U2o and senior levels.

The Daily Drool – Europa League Group D – Dinamo Zagreb: Ante Ćorić

11 Nov

Ante ĆorićHere’s one for the young’uns out there. 17 year old attacking midfielder Ante is just about the right age to take someone to the prom and he’s adorable (but I’m not looking because BABY). He was promoted from Dinamo Zagreb’s youth side to the first team and made his debut 2 days after his 17th birthday which was only in April. Oy vey.

The Daily Drool – World Cup 2014 – Algeria: El Arbi Hillel Soudani

14 Jun

Hilal-Soudani-1Forward Hillel plays for Prva HNL side Dinamo Zagreb. He has represented Algeria at the A and senior level.

The Daily Drool: Alen Halilović

4 May
Photo by Tomislav Moze

Photo by Tomislav Moze

I usually don’t Drool 17 year olds (In fact, I’ve only done it once before with Adrien Rabiot) but Alen will be 18 next month and he’s going to be a Barca player as of this summer, so I thought I’d get him in before that. 😉 He’s an attacking midfielder for Dinamo Zagreb and considered one of the best young talents in Europe.  He’s the youngest ever goalscorer in the Prva HNL and the youngest to ever debut on the Croatian National team. His father is a former footballer & international (also with Dinamo Zagreb) and his brother plays for Dinamo’s youth team. He has represented Croatia at the U14, U15, U16, U17 and senior levels. My favorite picture is of the tiny Alen gazing up in awe at Zlatan after they played each other.

The Daily Drool – Coaches: Tihana Nemčić

29 Mar

Tihana-Nemcic-hombres-Foto-AFP_ECMIMA20121002_0011_424 year old Tihana made headlines around the world when she was named head coach of Croatian 5th division men’s side NK Viktorija Vojakovac in September 2012. She previously played for Dinamo Zagreb and the Croatian Women’s National Team. Not only talented, but gorgeous, she was one of the 15 finalists for Miss Croatia Sport in 2008.

The Daily Drool: Adrián Calello

24 Feb

adrian calelloOkay, let’s try this again. After finding multiple copies of a picture of Luis Ibáñez mislabeled as Adrián Calello, I had to correct Tuesday’s Drool. This time we’ve got the right guy though! It’s straight from a calendar! His name is on it!  Argentine Adrián joined Siena on January 31, 2013 from Dinamo Zagreb where he played with, you guessed it, Luis Ibáñez.

UPDATED: The Daily Drool: Luis Ibáñez

19 Feb

Adrián CalelloUPDATED: Thanks to eagle-eyed watishistas Matea and Miss_F who correctly identified the man in this shot as Luis Ibáñez instead of Adrián Callelo (as all the pictures had identified him). Thanks ladies! So Luis gets to be the Daily Drool instead. We’ll have Adrián another day. Argentine left back/winger Luis has played for Dinamo Zagreb since 2008.

We’re Group Leaders Muddafuggas!!!

24 Nov

*Sigh* I love putting these posts together, even though they make me super jelly…I wanna grab Pipa’s juicy ass!! 😥 But way to go Benz! And way to go all of our amazingly awesome boys!! Group leaders holla! But first off, Lozil’s post made me a little teary so Im going to take this moment to say how thankful I am to share these laughs, ooh’s & ahh’s with all of you. A year & some ago, Lozil & I were just sending crazy pervy messages back & forth. I never knew how meaningful all this would be to me, Im still get giddy when I see big comment numbers 😉 And Lozil, I wouldnt want to share HB&HB with anyone else because you absolutely ROCK! Thanks to all of you Watishistas for reading and sharing with us. You guys make this blog my happy place. Happy Thanksgiving everyone & enjoy some good grub! Now lets look at some fine ass pics of our boys kicking ass…cuz I got to get to cookin’ soon! Continue reading

The Boys In Blue Prepare To Meet Dinamo Zagreb

21 Nov

This right here is Madrid’s highest paid jockey. Mou has looked happy as a clam since he got a piggy back ride from Callejon, hasn’t he? I mean, can you blame him? That was a hard fought victory. It’s Champions League time which means the gorgeous blue training shirts come out and the boys look extra yum. Tomorrow, we meet Dinamo Zagreb.
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The Daily Drool: Champions League Group D: Walid Atta

14 Nov

Sweetly smiling Walid is Swedish footballer of Eritrean descent who was born in Saudi Arabia. He just signed to Dinamo Zagreb this year as a center back and hopefully, we’ll see him on the pitch soon. He made 3 appearances for the Swedish U-21 team in 2008-2009. His dream is to one day play for Arsenal.