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4th Boot’s The Charm & More

14 Oct
It looks like a giant boot is coming down from heaven to crush him.

It looks like a giant boot is coming down from heaven to crush him. Please god, no!

Cris won his fourth Golden Shoe (3rd while at Madrid) – the only player to have ever achieved this. The award is given to the to top scorer across the European leagues. Continue reading

Real Madrid Takes On…Juvenil B?

8 May
This is Spartan!

This is Spartan!

A little practice game was in the offing today.  Jesus, Arbie, Sami, Illara, Casemiro & Marcelo joined by Pablo, Capmartín, Felipe Sáez (all of Juvenil A),  Juanjo and Gabri (of Juvenil B) made up one team.  Juvenil B with DLo stepping in as their goalkeeper made up the second. Continue reading

Prepping For Valencia, Muppet Babies Making Bad Choices & 3 Who Get It Absolutely Right

19 Dec
I see they're already trying to get used to wearing pink.

I see they’re already trying to get used to wearing pink.

Sigh. I thought work was supposed to be calming down for me, but apparently not. I think they’re hell bent on working me 24/7 right up until tomorrow at 3 PM when I start my vacation. Sigh. Continue reading

Bernabeu Arrivals & Sky Sports Germany Ad

30 Apr

proxyThe boys have made their way to the Bernabeu and The Peez was there to greet them. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Artur Boruc

14 Apr

artur-borucOMG, this was one of my favorite Amnesty suggestions. Watishista drea said “Oh and Arthur Boruc. Yup. I think I have this REALLY twisted thing for him because I can imagine him shouting Arthur Boruc’s Rage List from the Dirty Tackle as foreplay. TMI?” No, girl, not at all. I can totally get with that scenario especially if he yells about paint thinner and the corn and plays a Taylor Swift album (with The Little Mermaid on a muted TV in the background). That sounds PERFECT!

Screw The Puppy Bowl, We’ve Got The Puppy Clasico!

4 Apr

Check out Dirty Tackle’s hilarious write up on the similarities between the Puppy Clasico and the real thing. I don’t like that they tied the puppy goalkeepers up to their nets, but I guess if they didn’t, they’d go free range like Iker and give us all heart attacks (but even Goal Puppy managed to leave his area – he just took the goal with him).

– Lozil

Training, Foxeloa, Xabi, Iker’s Biological Clock Part II And More

4 Jan

Pre-Sociedad training continued today. Real Madrid C’s Llorente and Álvaro López joined the big boys. Also back to regular training: Higuain and Albiol! Whooooo! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that they are ready, if not this weekend, then very soon.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: He’s Just Sergi From The Block, Top Gun, Bad Dog!, And More…

8 Oct

Don’t be fooled by the tablecloth scarves that he’s got, he’s still Sergi from the block.  Here’s Sese with the surprisingly (to me) itty bitty JLo, who is reppin’ Madrid. Continue reading

Sheesh! We Can’t Get A Break Lately, Can We?

18 Sep

While awaiting the team, the Evil Bunny Bus was given a ticket in front of the hotel by an overzealous meter maid. Let Brooks Peck tell you all about it, while getting off a laugh out loud zinger at the end over at Dirty Tackle. Let’s hope our luck is better in the match, eh?

– Lozil

Hooray! Marcelo Is Back!

15 Aug

Oh, how we have missed seeing him wearing the kit of Real Madrid! It’ll be even more fun when the internationals return and everyone is finally reunited. Continue reading