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Bits & Bobs: Beaches, On The Road Again, Fish Or Dorito Breath?, That’s Not Fashion Honey! And More

19 Jul

Let’s start the bits and bobs off with Albiol today, shall we? I’ve been missing him and he’s not tweeting all that much. However, his vacation pals San Bernardino and Antonio Leon gifted us with a few piccies.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Cris Shills, El Pirata Reads, Silva Tweets, Pipita Winks And Much More

16 Jul

Cris was in Bangkok to re-sign his presenter deal with Toyota today.  He’s looking quite tan from his vacation. Continue reading

Oh! I Didn’t Know That! You Learn Something New Every Day!::Headdesk::

9 Jul

Wow! Messi plays for Real Madrid! Cristiano Ronaldo plays for AC Milan! Who knew? Apparently, the NY Daily News. It’s been a great day for illustrating the need for fact checkers, hasn’t it? (Via Dirty Tackle)

– Lozil

This One Is For The Birds

25 May

After Jedward’s horror of a support song for the Euros, this batshit crazy fiesta for the Dutch team is actually a hilarious delight. It was sponsored by Dutch supermarket chain C1000. Apparently, the birds in the video are something they are giving out to customers to signify support for the team. The Chicken Dance is featured and if anyone can identify the other songs, I’d love to know what’s going on because this is…beyond. (Video via Dirty Tackle)

– Lozil

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: Las Ventas, Grades, Nando Needs To Shave, Llama Love & More

18 May

Remember yesterday when I posted this shot from El Pirata who was watching a bullfight at Las Ventas? And I said that I thought Iker was there? Well, he was. So was Sergio but apparently not together. Continue reading

Oh Dear. Someone Wasn’t Paying Attention

23 Apr

Sport posted this cover with an unfortunately positioned Xavi (looking like he’s giving Puyi head) with an ad below it that says “Sex islLife.”  The Internet (which is forever, people!) gleefully jumped all over it and got the hashtag #LaMamadaDeXavi trending in Spain (The Blowjob of Xavi).  Continue reading

Where My Ninjas At? (And Other Bits & Bobs)

19 Apr

Right here, apparently. The chill weather has brought the return of the ninja look to Valdebebas just as we were hoping for sleeveless shirts and training legs. No matter, I’ll take my Blancos in cloak-and-dagger mode anyday. Continue reading

Training, Presser, Call Ups, Lotsa Sergio And More

30 Mar

Well, the boys are already on their way to Pamplona (as per a tweet by Kay Murray earlier) for tomorrow’s match against Osasuna. Prior to take off, there was training and a presser by El Jefe. A bumper crop of bits and bobs to follow. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Saloman Kalou

9 Dec

Winger Kalou has been with Chelsea since 2006 and the Côte d’Ivoire National Team since 2007. The hilarious Dirty Tackle has a long running joke about the endless competition between Kalou’s cat Katou and Didier Drogba’s cat, Kitier Katba (and their owners).

Cesc “Kidnapping” Claim Causes Hilarity

15 Jul

Poor tormented Cesc!

FourFourTwo.com carried a story today that has internet footy fans cackling hysterically.
Continue reading