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Prepping For The Second Leg

14 Aug

Cristiano. Sigh.

Sooooooo….how about that first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, eh? That was…well… Continue reading

Prepping For Espanyol, Adidas Clinic, A Milestone & Some Good News

16 Sep

pepe_he12164thumb0The boys continued preparing for Sunday’s match away at Espanyol. Continue reading

Rain & Train, Even More Drama and Twinkle Toes

14 Jan

Satellite (7)The team had a bit of a rainy training session today. Everyone was out on the pitch along with Castilla’s Marcos Llorente. Sese ran on his own. Continue reading

Continued Prep For Villareal & It’s Off

11 Dec

Satellite (12)The team continued their efforts in preparation for Sunday’s match at El Madrigal. Continue reading

Official Statement On Benzema’s France Suspension

10 Dec

It was announced today that Karim has been suspended from the French National Team for the duration of the investigation into his part in the Valbuena sex tape blackmail scandal. Real Madrid released a statement. Continue reading

This One Time At Banned Camp And Getafe Tomorrow

4 Dec

real_madrid_logoSoooo, as everyone has probably heard, Real Madrid has been banned from the Copa Del Rey. But has that stopped us? Erm, no. Continue reading

Preparations For Getafe and Who Is Minding The Store?

3 Dec

Satellite (6)Amidst all the drama, Los Blancos began preparing to meet Getafe on Saturday. Continue reading

2015 WWC – Group D: Australia 2 – Nigeria 0

18 Jun

n1A super steamy day in Winnipeg saw the Matildas of Australia face the Super Falcons from Nigeria in their first ever meeting. Turf issues were bound to be an issue as the commentators said that there was a twenty degree difference between the sunny and shady sides of the pitch. The Nigerians seemed in good form, as they sang their way through the tunnel and into the pitch. Continue reading

Wednesday Training & Wack Ass Bullshit

25 Mar

Satellite (7)Jesé, James, Arbeloa, Pacheco, Nacho and Illarra worked with Castilla today in the second training session of the week. Continue reading

Off to Granada!

31 Oct
Iker's Halloween costume is obviously a starfish. Well done!

Iker’s Halloween costume is obviously a starfish. Well done!

Happy Halloween, watishista ghosts and goblins! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to plan a Halloween costume at all. I also haven’t had time to get a brow wax lately so I might as well throw on a Barca kit & scowl, bitch about pitch conditions, say I’m Xavi and be done with it. Alas, no matter what the state of my brows, I’m way too tall, blonde & Madridista-y to be Xavi. I also could give a rat’s about grass seed and sprinklers so maybe I’ll just skip the costume this year? Hope you’re all having fun and getting lots of candy. What’s everyone going as? Continue reading