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Random Moments…

5 Aug

D’awwwwwww!  This is such a sweet picture. Cris is being a doll with the kids and they are flat out adorable. Look at their oversize kits and their wee little socks!  That wasn’t the only cute woobins hanging around in a Real Madrid kit. Feast your eyes on this bebe.
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Girding Our Loins For El Clasico

15 Apr

As we get ready for El Clasico, Mou started the mindfucking off in epic style. He let Karanka give the press conference and refused to talk. As a result, 30 Spanish journalists staged a walkout. Oh Mou, I love you.  The best part about Spring in Madrid and training? Los Blancos wear less clothing.

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Mesut ÖMFG!

6 Mar

Seriously, boo? Seriously?! You brought me to my knees today, Özil. You were an absolute and utter thing of beauty on that pitch! I adore you!  Your assists? Everyone at the pub was like “DAMN” and turned to look at me in my Özil jersey. I just nodded sagely. What could I say? You were utter perfection.  And Jorge Valdano agrees with me. He said “Ozil is going to set the standard for the next decade at Real Madrid. He is the kind of player that Madridismo loves. He even makes his opponents have fun.”

More love within…

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Benzy Brings It!

23 Feb

100th goal's the charm!

I apologize in advance, this one is going to be a short and sweet report. It’s been a looooooong day.  We took on Olympique Lyonnais in Champions League today. After a scoreless first half, Real Madrid came back strong in the second. We had some near misses and there was a great deal of frustration throughout the game as the referee was ignoring calls right and left…

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Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

13 Feb

Currently, David Barral is the wind beneath my wings.

See this man? LOVE HIM. Why?

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Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About!

7 Feb

Man oh man, it sure was good to see the boys returning to the form of earlier this season! It was a great game and tons of fun. It was fast paced with good crisp passing and damn…it was just such a RELIEF after the past few weeks (heck, month?) of lackluster play. HALA MADRID!

Kaka started things off at the 8th minute with a lovely left footed finish. It was wonderful to see him in the starting line up and scoring so soon. He’s definitely getting back up to speed.

Kaka scores!

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Let’s Hear It For The (New) Boys!

3 Feb

Let’s give the boys a haaaaannnnnd!  We did it! We came, we saw, we scored (twice) and now Sevilla can put a sock in it.

Let's hear it for my baby, you know you gotta understand....

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Atleti, Leg 2: Electric Boogaloo**

21 Jan

Updated 1/24/11: Because I forgot one of my favorite moments of the game. Blame on the rage.

Before I launch into my much delayed post on the game that put us into the *semis* of the Copa Del Rey (WHOOOOOO!), I have a few things that I need to get off my chest. So I’d like to give a rollicking two fingers up to the following things:

You tell 'em, Mou!

You tell 'em, Mou!

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Atleti, Ole!

17 Jan

Real Madrid met Atletico Madrid on Thursday in the Copa Del Rey competition.  The meeting of hometown teams  is always a heated occasion and this was no exception.  Diego Forlan and his headband drew first blood 7 minutes into the match.

Diego Forlan scores

Forlan manages to get ball, Ramos into the net

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The Headbands & Heartbreak Glossary

10 Jan

So, yeah, we use a lot of in jokes and abbreviations.  We decided to have mercy on you and let you in on our lingo. Here’s a quick way to know what we’re ranting about at any given time.  This will be added to and if there’s something missing, please feel free to let us know!



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