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FIFA Being Sued Again

27 Aug

30F31F67B28BE1BD4A65A9AF5DDAC_h416_w442_m2_q80_cNumEFRpxFirst mygypsyspirit brought you news of FIFA being sued for poor refereeing at the World Cup. Now I bring you news of another lawsuit tangentially related to the World Cup which hit FIFA today. This one is all about my recently discovered passion topic: head injuries and concussions in football. Ohhhh, someone named Sepp is not going to be a happy baby. Guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t buy into his Presidential Message on this topic. Continue reading

FIFA on Head Injuries

25 Aug

So, we finally have some information from FIFA on the topic of head injuries and concussions in football. And by some I mean lots. Be warned; this is going to be a wordy post. My inner editor is (sadly) on strike. Continue reading