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Ready For El Derbi Madrileño!

18 Nov

_he25213thumbThe team had their final session before tomorrow’s Derby. Continue reading

Catching Up Pre-Derby

17 Nov

_7am7869thumbWell. much like most of our internationals, I’m baaaaack! I survived my work conference with little to no health issues. I really wish I could say the same for our team! Continue reading

Ready For El Derbi Madrileño

26 Feb

Satellite (3)The team is ready roar and rarin’ to go for tomorrow’s derby. Continue reading

Third Session Prepping For Atleti

25 Feb

Satellite (12)The team continued their preparation for this weekend’s derby. Karim Benzema returned to the pitch and Pip Borja Mayoral was called up to join the first team. Continue reading

Continuing To Prep For Atleti

24 Feb

Satellite (12)Isco, Dani and Lukita returned outside to work with the group as the prep for Atleti continued. Continue reading

Prep Begins For El Derbi Madrileño

23 Feb
Satellite (12)

Mr. 92:48 – Destroyer of Atleti’s Dreams

The team began preparing today for El Derbi Madrileño aka our big crosstown rivalry/Sernando reunion. Continue reading

Match Recap: Atletico Madrid 1 – Real Madrid 1

11 Oct
The derbi usually leaves a fire in my veins

The derbi usually leaves a fire in my veins

I’m not happy. I’m not really happy with the result, as I felt we wasted a bunch of chances and relied extra heavily on our Costa Rican Superman. But I’m mostly unhappy with the backlash that inevitably happens every time we don’t get a result we think that we should. As a result, it’s taken me longer to write this. I hate writing posts when I’m upset. Continue reading

Are You Ready For Some Derbi Action?

4 Oct

Satellite (2)I’m getting excited for the match – how about you? The players did a little warming up today in preparation for the big game. Continue reading

Catching Up: Celebrating Cris & Getting Ready For El Derbi Madrileño

3 Oct

Satellite (2)Ah, I’ve had a busy few days. Now I’m curled up at home keeping an eye on Hurricane Joaquin and freaking out because they’re doing construction all up and down my street which has netted me a new unwanted roommate: a mouse. Ugh. I really miss Max the Cat right now. Continue reading

Derby Day Is Almost Upon Us

6 Feb

Satellite (2)Well kids, like it or not, El Derbi Madrileño is tomorrow and we have to suck it up and deal. I know I’m going to have agita throughout the entire game and probably chew off all my fingernails. Argh! Continue reading