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Extra Time: Real Madrid top La Liga table

28 Feb

In the most recent episode, the panel discussed last weekend which saw Real Madrid atop the table while Barca & Atleti got whomped. I’m posting it a few days late, but it’s still enjoyable!

– Lozil

Top of La Liga and Kickin’ Ass in the Champions League

28 Feb

el smackdown madrileno

*Cue the dramatic music* Our last two matches… in two different competitions…our boys did great things and were rewarded BIG in return. El Smackdown Madrileno! Against Elche we took away the three points and did what?… Oh yeah, assumed our position at the top of La Liga! (with help from Real Sociedad, thank you!) Coming off of that high, it was time to get down to Champions League business. From what we saw on Wednesday, it looked like our boys not only wanted to do well, but also they were up for dishing out a spankin’! Ooh-wee kickin’ ass in Germany! With that, Real Madrid became the first team to score 6 away goals on German soil, in the history of the Champions League. (MisterChip) How’s that for a stat??

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Recovery Session & Baby Confirmation

23 Feb

1The team held a recovery session after yesterday’s drubbing of Elche. They will meet Schalke in 3 days time in the Champions League. Continue reading

Another Day, Another Wrestling Match

21 Feb

tumblr_n1cwcrOLi31qftb6ko1_500I swear to god, these guys can’t go 10 minutes without climbing on each other. And I’m so happy that they have no impulse control. Continue reading

Preparing For Elche

20 Feb

1023 players trained today in preparation for Saturday’s match vs. Elche. Continue reading

Realmadrid LIFE: Double brace from Cristiano Ronaldo against Elche & Getafe

30 Sep

– Lozil

THE MATCH: Elche-Real Madrid La Liga Preview

25 Sep


UPDATED: Match Post: Elche – Real Madrid

25 Sep

RM ElcheTime for a midweek game. And finally, one can watch. (I’ve been playing catch up on matches lately). Our boys are away today and will battle Elche in the Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero. Feel free to share your thoughts pre, during or post match. I’ll try to update with arrival pictures and line up closer to kick off. Continue reading

Saturday Training, Pirata, The Napoli Boys & Xabi

24 Aug

Entrenamiento_del_Real_MadridGood news – Illara is improving and joined the team for training today. The Baby, Xabi, Sami and Denis worked on their recoveries. I hate to see so many crucial players injured, damn it. Monday’s match is away at Granada. Continue reading