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The Daily Drool – Champions League Group B – Tottenham Hotspur: Kieran Trippier

18 Sep

Right back/right wing back Kieran joined Tottenham in 2015.  He has represented England at the U18, U19, U20, U21 and senior levels.

The Daily Drool – Muppet Baby Week: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

27 Feb

I thought I’d kick off our second annual Muppet Babies week with a true young’un. Arsenal winger Alex turned 18 in August. He’s making quite a name for himself right now. I love watching this kid and I think we’re going to see great things from him.  My pet name for him is Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em because I think he has a head like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot.  He’s represented England at the U 18, U 19 and U 21 levels already – can’t wait to see how he develops as a player.