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Countdown To Ovary Detonation In Three…Two…One

7 Jul

Watishista April found this video with some new angles on the celebration. There’s tons of Nando, Leo & Nora (including where he uses his legendary booty as a dollie storage unit), more Enzo Cazorla, Sergio & Daniela and after a brief part showing the fans dancing, everyone on the planet finding the cheeks of Aitana Negredo irresistible (especially Iker). Also, anyone know who is the little boy that Albiol is carrying around? I’m assuming it’s his nephew. I saw a quick shot in an earlier video, but I can see the little boy much clearer in this video.

– Lozil

Bebes In Motion

3 Jul

I’ve been meaning to post this video today which is chock full of adorableness. Enzo Carzorla, Sergio carrying Daniela, Nora Torres chasing the camera and the commentators cooing over the La Roja bebes. It’s super cute. (If the annoying annotations are on, click the quote bubble to turn them off). Continue reading

UPDATED:La Roja’s Celebration Bebes!

2 Jul

Are y’all ready for this post? Lozil and I found lots & lots for you to enjoy…and we’re not responsible for whatever the photos do to your ovaries! 😉 Get ready for Nora & Leo Torres, Grecia, Alma, & Luca Reina, Jon & Ane Alonso, Enzo Cazorla, Alba Arbeloa, Daniela Ramos, Aitana Negredo,  baby Juanfran, and a whole lotta confetti!

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