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Toothy Bits & Bobs

11 Feb

1a939652745c11e28ea222000a9f1946_7Lots of bits & bobs to get through. My emergency dental appointment was fraught with drama and insurance snags. In the end I was begging “Just yank it! For the love of all that’s holy, just yank that damn thing!” And after several hours wait, they finally did. I’m home now with an ice pack on my face, less one wisdom tooth. I’d rather be having some of Calleti’s birthday cake, that’s for sure.  Alvaro & Carlota provided a lovely Oreo cookie cake, which everyone had to pose with and/or photograph. Continue reading

Introducing Enzo Gutiérrez Belluscio

27 Jan

portada-3574-zGuti and Romina have given wee Enzo his debut in Hola magazine.  The cover, no less. So tiny! And look at his little toesies! Hola had this shot and the next one of Guti looking oddly like he’s in a criminal line up on their website. Continue reading

Mazel Tov: Guti & Romina Welcome Son Enzo

11 Jan

gr1Twitter’s schmoopsiest couple welcomed a baby boy named Enzo today. Guti said baby and mami are fine. Of course, I got the news as I was standing in Lowe’s waiting for my paint to be mixed. And no, watishisto PLL, I did not get “Pim Pam Purple”as you suggested on Twitter, I got “November Foliage” aka brown. Congratulations to the happy couple – can’t wait to see pictures of the new Enzo in town!

– Lozil