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“Speaking To Her” Is Not Enough, FIFA.

1 Jul

FIFA Addresses a Coach’s Remarks
New York Times
Published: July 1, 2011

Soccer’s world governing body said it had spoken with Eucharia Uche, the coach of the Nigerian women’s national team, about homophobic remarks she made to The New York Times regarding lesbian players on her team.
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Edward Jackson: Give Homophobia the Red Card: Cleaning Up Women’s Soccer by 2015

30 Jun

Here’s a good article that I saw on HuffPost Canada and it gives a shout out to our buddies over at Red Card Homophobia.
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FIFA Treats Women’s Game As A Burden

24 Jun

Marta and Sepp Blatter at 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala

FIFA treats women’s game as a burden
by Jennifer Doyle
Published June 23, 2011
From Foxsports.com

HOUSTON –  On the eve of the Women’s World Cup it is worth remembering that FIFA’s involvement in a women’s football tournament won’t turn the Sith Lords of soccer into benevolent stewards of the beautiful game.
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Depressing and Worrisome: Homophobia & The Women’s World Cup

22 Jun

Eucharia Uche, Coach of the Nigerian Women’s National Team continues her quest to repress the right of others to live freely. Read all about her latest bullshit in the New York Times: In African Women’s Soccer, Homophobia Remains an Obstacle

One of the many worrying quotes from the article: “Uche said she had never witnessed her own players participating in homosexual activity. Instead, she said that she had relied on rumors, speculation and news media accounts to form her belief that lesbian behavior had been common in the Nigerian team.” Can you say witch hunt?

It’s depressing to see coaches like this but it does my heart good to see out and proud coaches like Hope Powell (England) and Pia Sundhage (USA) rocking for equality. Players such as Natasha Kai (US) along with Swedes Victoria Svensson and Jessica Landström are doing the same.

Reading that article just breaks my heart a thousand times.