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Trophies Aren’t Safe With Us Anyways

28 Jul

Vacation still on the brain? Me thinks so with that 5-2 scoreline. Mou said this would be a tough match, I guess I just don’t like it when he’s so…right, but hey it’s just the pre-season. Aint no thang but a Eusebio Cup. At least we didn’t go down without any goals at all, WOOT for Callejunny Bunny for scoring a brace! We can also WOOT about how awesome the boys are going to look this season in those fab kits. See? There’s always some good to be taken away, even when we lose, Los Blancos work it! Continue reading

Lisbon & The Eusebio Cup

27 Jul

I am behind, behind, behind today as the match is already in progress but here’s some photos and video of yesterday’s training and the arrival in Lisbon. Continue reading

Pre-Season 2012 Summer Tour

19 Jul

The Real Madrid website did a great rundown of all the pre-season 2012 matches along with info on each team/stadium – here you go! Continue reading

Home Again, Hard At Work

1 Mar
El Pirata: “Hey guys! We had an awesome time while you were gone! I took Calleti to an interpretative modern dance performance incorporating endangered animals!” Caletti: “Erm, yeah, um, it was…great.”

Well our internationals are back home in Madrid and jumped right back into training. Lots of photos today… Continue reading