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Arrival In Pamplona, Call Ups & Starting XI

11 Feb

_3am0501The team made the short flight to Pamplona today and were greeted by enthusiastic fans.  Continue reading

Tuesday In Melbourne

21 Jul

Satellite (3)Another driveby as I’m heading out to meet watishistas Shigs & ForzaSusan for a spot of dinner before the PSG/Fiorentina game tonight. Continue reading

Off To Granada! (With Bonus Albiolita, Calleti, Pepe Reina & El Pirata)

25 Aug
Jetsam excelling at bitchy realness

Jetsam excelling at bitchy realness

Another week, another stern looking picture of Carlito on the mothership. I love these shots. Flotsam & Jetsam are getting a real workout in this one!

Continue reading

Wednesday Training, Lots of Goodies & Leo Torres Falls On His Bum Some More

22 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (4)Spring has sprung and our sexy croissant is throwing flirtatious looks around (and for once, they’re not into his own camera phone). Continue reading

Concentracion, Extra Evil Buses And APOEL

3 Apr

It’s concentracion time again on a rainy night in Madrid. The thing that freaked me out about this video the most was the fact that there is a black Evil Bunny Bus for the opposing team to match our white one! It’s like Black Swan but transportation style!  I wonder if there’s a Mila Kunis bus somewhere in the depot that’s going to lead the EBB astray?  Continue reading