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The Bromantic Plot Thickens, Looking In At Spain, Portugal And Germany

8 Jun

Pipa continues spreading himself around like he’s Bobby Brown circa 1988 and yeah, I’m judging. However, he’s back with his original boo, Eze Garay, who tweeted this shot. Albiol nattered on all day about basketball on Twitter, studiously ignoring the drama. Arbeloa was not to be found. I may have to, ahem, pull Pipita aside tomorrow and talk to him sternly. A spanking may be in order! Continue reading

Tormata Arrives, Higuaray And A Bit Of Germany

26 May

The team had a closed training this morning at the stadium in St. Gallen, but a few pictures of Tormata have made it into circulation.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Champions League Group C: Ezequiel Garay

12 Nov

Because I miss Eze’s shy smile (and I bet Pipita does too!), I thought he’d be the perfect choice to represent Benfica. I hope this lovely center back gets more playing time than he did with us. Eze has represented Argentina at the U20, U23 and senior team levels.

The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – Higuaray

22 Oct

::sniffle:: Another broken bromance – though I think this one is still going strong, they’re just geographically seperated since Eze transferred to Benfica. Not only are these two super close, their families are as well as evidenced by this article. (No word on if Mou engineered the trade to have Pipita to himself!) Continue reading

It’s Official: Garay To Benfica

16 Jul

We’ve all known about it for awhile, but it’s just finally been announced on RM’s website: Real Madrid C. F. and SL Benfica have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player Ezequiel Garay to the Portuguese club. ::sniffle:: We’ll miss you, Eze.  Pipita weeps.

Bits & Bobs: Real Madrid News

8 Jul

Okay, I’ve been very lazy about posting actual news (as opposed to hairdo changes  & vacation pix) so here’s some quick and dirty goodies about our boys who start back to work on Monday. WHOOOOOOOO!  First off, Mr Gorgeous Pants himself, Zizou, has been appointed Director of Football for the first team. Which means that we’ll see a whole lot more of him. In suits. Looking perfect. Things are looking up already. Onward…
Continue reading

Squad List and Training Pix for El Clasico #3

26 Apr

The boys had their last training today before tomorrow’s Champions League clash against Barcelona.  The squad lists were also announced.

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