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James Joins The Group, International Duty, Sese Speaks & Bebe Iker

24 Mar

Satellite (8)Great news!James returned to training with the group today. Very encouraging! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Fabio!

11 Mar

Fabio-Coentrao01_0Cristiano’s veggie pilfering, soup making best bud turns 27 today. Feliz cumpleaños Fabio!

Wednesday Training & A Cartoon Dog As Fashion?

11 Feb
RM: The next generation

RM: The next generation

What did I say yesterday?! NO MORE INJURIES! What did we get today? ANOTHER FRIGGING INJURY! Continue reading

Bad News For James…And Us

4 Feb

SatelliteThe medical report on James came out and it’s not good. Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part 2

26 Dec

Today, the mothership released some new videos and also included English translations for the others. Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part I

25 Dec

It’s time for the Christmas videos! (Alas, but no bloopers yet…). Here’s the first crop. The Mister wishes us happy holidays in 3 languages because he’s so awesome. And I assure you by the 3rd one you’ll be very sick of the “Let iiiiiiiiiiiiii-t sn-ohohohohohohohoh-w” tag line. Continue reading

Updated: Arrival In Almeria

12 Dec

SatelliteThe team arrived in Almeria after a short flight and were greeted by over 300 fans. There were even more waiting for them at the Hotel Elba Almería. Continue reading