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Bad News For James…And Us

4 Feb

SatelliteThe medical report on James came out and it’s not good. Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part 2

26 Dec

Today, the mothership released some new videos and also included English translations for the others. Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part I

25 Dec

It’s time for the Christmas videos! (Alas, but no bloopers yet…). Here’s the first crop. The Mister wishes us happy holidays in 3 languages because he’s so awesome. And I assure you by the 3rd one you’ll be very sick of the “Let iiiiiiiiiiiiii-t sn-ohohohohohohohoh-w” tag line. Continue reading

Updated: Arrival In Almeria

12 Dec

SatelliteThe team arrived in Almeria after a short flight and were greeted by over 300 fans. There were even more waiting for them at the Hotel Elba Almería. Continue reading

G-Money Returns, Halloweeny & Color Me Shocked! (NOT)

2 Nov
"Oh shiz! Gareth is back. What are you going to do with James?!"

“Oh shiz! Gareth is back. How are you going to break it to James?!”

It’s been quite a weekend! We handily won our match and now sit atop the table. Huzzah!  And Gareth rejoined the group today, which is great news. The 6 outfield players who didn’t start worked out with Gareth while Marcelo & Cris trained on their own. We have a Champions League match against Liverpool on Tuesday. Continue reading

All Up In Anfield & Some Bonus Sergio

22 Oct

Satellite (1)Argh! The moment of truth is almost upon us. I am so nervous for this game that it’s ridiculous. The mothership went a bit Liverpool bonkers posting lots of pictures and behind the scenes videos for the match (but oddly, no match preview). Continue reading

So Many Happy Returns!

15 Oct

Satellite (1)Work continues to eat my life, but I have a short respite this evening, so here’s a quick catch up post.  So many happy returns! Yesterday, Fabio (who had trained alone on Monday), joined the group which consisted of  Nacho, Arbie, Illara, Marcelo & the Castilla boys. Continue reading

Monday Training

13 Oct

Satellite (5)There were some great shots from training today. Marcelo, Arbie, Illarra , Nacho were put through their paces with U19 goalkeeper Marcos Lavín. Fabio trained on his own while he continues his recovery. Continue reading

Training, An Expected Goodbye And Sami Stays Put

24 Aug
Looking good Karim! No fat camp for you this year.

Looking good, Karim! No fat camp for you this year.

It was a bittersweet day in RM-land. We got confirmation that Angel is headed to Manchester United (as expected). I will miss him terribly but I wish him luck. He’s a wonderful player and seems like a really good guy. And Fabio has sprained his left knee. That’s the bad stuff.  But the good news is that Sami is staying put.  Continue reading

Cristiano Does Ice Bucket Challenge In Typical CR7 Fashion

17 Aug

Cristiano did the #IceBucketChallenge (with some help from Fabio) to raise money and awareness for ALS. But he did it in an appropriately Cris manner: in his underpants. Continue reading