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Good News: Osasuna Ultras Banned For Harassing Family

12 Apr

Remember the douchebags who harrassed the Villamar family? Well, looks like they were dealt with tidily. Glad to hear that some stiff action was taken – it would have been nice if they were permanently banned, but this is a good start. I hope this trend of punishing these arseholes continue. They’re boils on the butt of the beautiful game.

– Lozil

Leftovers, Training, Record Breaking And A Couple of Visits

5 Apr

Here’s some leftover shots of the boys arriving for the match yesterday. Mesut looks like he’s heading off to his first day of school with some trepidation: “Will the kids be nice to me?” “Will someone sit with me at lunch?” “I hope no one steals my milk money!” Continue reading

Updated: Newsy Bits and Bobs

30 Jan

Real had a couple of days off, so I decided to take a page from their book and slack on posting. I know, I suck. Anyhow, here is Mou, some of his coaching staff and two dudes who look suspiciously like bodyguards even if they’re not watching CSKA Moscow (our upcoming Champions League opponents) play a friendly in Spain.

Everyone is feeling the Mesut love late (AS WELL THEY SHOULD!). RM had a piece on the website about him… Continue reading

Dutch FA Rescinds Esteban’s Red Card

22 Dec


AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban has seen his red card for kicking a fan rescinded by the Dutch FA (KNVB).

Alkmaar’s Dutch Cup tie at Ajax was abandoned after 38 minutes on Wednesday after Alkmaar coach Gert Jan Verbeek ordered his players off the pitch following the incident. Continue reading

Updated: Fans Behaving Badly, Part 80,199

21 Dec

AZ Alkmaar Goalkeeper Esteban defended himself after a so called Ajax “fan” ran on to the pitch and attacked. Esteban didn’t hold back and kicked the bastard good a couple of times. What the everlovin’ fuck was security doing at this time that the guy was able to get onto the pitch and attack an opposing team’s player? If someone came to my job and blitz attacked me like that, I’d probably react the same way Esteban did. Shameful behavior and it’s a shame that the act of one arsehole sullies the name of Ajax fans. However, this guy is no fan – he’s a straight up thug. What a doucheweed.

Updated: Apparently, Esteban was red carded for defending himself from the drunken fan whose excuse was that he “didn’t like” the goalkeeper. The entire AZ team left the pitch at the behest of their coach – not sure whether it was in protest or for safety reasons – and the match was suspended. What a clusterfuck!

– Lozil

Now THAT Was Fun!

17 Apr

The Guinness haze is finally wearing off but nowhere near fast enough so this will be a very quick and dirty recap. I haven’t been that on the edge of my seat at a game in ages. If the other three games are like that, I’m afraid my head will explode.

Continue reading