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All The Money In The World…

9 Dec

…and he chooses to dress like this. Well, Benz isn’t exactly known for his good decisions now is he? I guess we can just add this to the list. (At least the only place this bad decision will end him up is on the Worst Dressed List).

– Lozil

Returning Internationals Hit The Pitch

9 Sep

A Lady (Edith) never tells his age

Edith celebrated his 30th on the pitch, where he belongs! The bulk of the internationals have returned to Madrid. Continue reading

Something That Did NOT Make My Day: Llorente Fashion Horror

16 Jun

Lord knows I love me some Lion King but is that a leather jacket with jorts? Oh hells no, my Llove.  A sick part of me wants to know what shoes he’s wearing. I’m betting they are mandals. Just a sneaky feeling. His poor friend Damian has an expression like “Oh…um…do we really need to share a picture of this moment, dude? You’re….I mean I’m not really dressed properly and um, yeah okay, whatever. ::resigned sigh::” Let’s cleanse the palate by enjoying some Fer in Armani.

– Lozil

Confetti, Hideous Clothing & The Remedy

9 Jun

Gareth, his top knot, Drogs & David Luiz are featured in a new BT Sport Europe where they get blue and white confetti dumped on them. Guess Sergio must have seen it (“Shiny!!!!” he cooed with delight) and the color combo inspired him unleash his latest fashion faux pas.
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Rainy Days & Frankencoats Always Get Me Down

2 Jun

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Man, Sergio is going to be so jealous when he sees that monstrosity that Karim is sporting, actually that should be monstrosities plural. The hat is wretched too. I know it’s raining here in NYC but jeez! Continue reading

Sunday & Monday Catch Up

11 May

Satellite (5)Howdy all! Sorry I deserted you yesterday. I was off on a road trip to see the New York Cosmos with watishistas Shigs, mygypsyspirit, DK, SK and watisisto AS. We had a fun journey spent giggling over Mesut’s fashion drama (Me to MGS last night: “He looks like an Amish rent boy.”) and some impromptu awesome tailgating. Continue reading

No Excuse For This Nonsense

10 May

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So this happened. And if you think Mesut looks ridiculous in this shot, please do click through because it gets worse. Continue reading

Spend Some Time (Un)dressing David Beckham

29 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 4.13.24 PM

How many of us have wanted to get in David Beckham’s pants? Or is the better question, who HASN’T wanted to get in David Beckham’s pants? Well, now is your chance! In a way… Continue reading

Thanks I Really Needed That, Jese

21 Apr

Sometimes, you’re having a really shitty day and then something comes along to make it all better. And today, that thing is Jese.  He’s like some unholy mishmash of Karim & Sergio with a purloined pair of Cristiano’s sunglasses. There’s also a nod to Guti with the bedazzled sneakers.  Gaauuu, indeed.


– Lozil

I Kinda Give Up

29 Mar

tumblr_nloc96ncRx1qftb6ko1_500Thank you so much for the get well wishes. I’m doing better and will return to work tomorrow. I still don’t have a great deal of energy but I’m taking a break from doing my taxes (which is truly horrible) and thought I’d take a quick look at what I missed in the footy world. I kinda wish that I hadn’t. Sergio in a double breasted glen plaid suit just looks…wrong to me. But what really might make me sick again is this:
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