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Cristiano Gets Shirty

18 Nov

1416150176222_Image_galleryImage_MADRID_SPAIN_NOVEMBER_16_Crispy has kicked off his shirt collection and the promo pictures are fabulous. Enjoy! (Larger versions after the jump). Continue reading

Armani Made to Measure for Bayern München

25 Sep

Armani announced a clothing partnership with Bayern München last May. And yesterday, Armani released a short behind-the-scenes video of the team photo shoot completed on August 25.

Lots of enjoyable, quick shots. Lewandowski offering a wink. Reina with his aviators. Robben looking nervous. Götze stroking Lahm’s tie. No Xabi though, as this was pre-transfer. The good ol’ days.


King Bitchface von Sex Beard, Style Icon

21 Sep

Vanidades, a popular Spanish language women’s magazine, named David Villa as their Icon of Style Award for Sports this past Thursday. Ahh……unexpected, right? Continue reading

Xabi, Xabi, Xabi!

5 Jan

tumblr_mywl2xmMXg1qbiysso3_r1_1280I was having trouble breathing before and this is definitely not helping! Xabi posed for Fuera de Serie (interview at site) and MGEF linked to the glorious results. Full size Xabi ahead.  Continue reading