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The Daily Drool: Enis Alushi

24 Jul

Enis AlushiGerman-Kosovar Albanian central midfielder Enis plays for FC St. Pauli. He has represented Germany at the U19 and U20 levels and Kosovo at the senior level. He’s also the husband of German Women’s National Team star (and Drool alum) Fatmire Bajramaj Alushi.

Lotsa Bits & Bobs: WWC, RCH, Transfer Rumors, Vacation Snaps Continue

28 Jun

So much going on today – I thought I’d do one big post instead of bombarding you with a ton of little ones.

Watishista! Maddy found this awesome shot of male fans cheering on Germany at the Women’s World Cup. The shirt says “Girls, make us proud! (Source)

Speaking of the Women’s World Cup, over the weekend Maddy sent me a note and said she had issues with how they using sex to promote the tournament as opposed to portraying the women as powerful athletes, as evidenced by these pictures…
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The Daily Drool: Women’s World Cup Week: Fatmire “Lira” Bajmaraj

26 Jun

In recognition of the start of the Women’s World Cup today in Germany, I thought we should have a week celebrating some awesome ass-kicking women!  Who better to start with than our girl crush and potential (in our minds) perfect life partner for Mesut Ozil, the luscious Fatmire “Lira” Bajmaraj. Brilliant watishista! Jenny Jenkins did an enormous amount of work translating this video:

From Refugee to World Champion: A film by Nick Golueke
(A Documentary about Germany’s Fatmire ‘Lira’ Bajramaj in 3 parts)

Part One     Part Two     Part Three

It’s well worth a watch. Jenny has produced a terrific transcript with photos as well.  Thanks so much Jenny.  Lira’s story is both amazing and inspiring – she’s such a strong and beautiful woman.  Good luck to all the teams!

Die Mannschaft Goodies!

1 Jun

Super duper awesome watishista! Jenny Jenkins kindly provided us with some adorbs Die Mannschaft training shots and also 2 completely incredible promo spots that they made in support of the German Women’s National Team. If you weren’t madly in love with them before, you will be now…
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Mesut’s Striptease

26 May

Watching Mesut take it off (and his dazzling footwork) was a lovely way to start the day. This comes via his Facebook page. For your info, the lady in question is the awesomesauce Fatmire “Lira” Bajramaj, midfielder for the German National Team, who will be joining FFC Frankfurt next season. Read a great article about Lira here. And hey, Jenny, if you want to translate, feel free! 😉