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Dani Gets His Model On

9 Jan

B6lHXkFCIAAjmz4Our little boy is growing up! Dani got himself a modeling spot (along with Barca’s Marc Bartra) for Jack Jones Spain. Here’s a sneak peek at the campaign. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – David Villa & Lionel Messi

26 Dec

Getafe-v-Barcelona-David-Villa-Lionel-Messi_2829221Though this bromance is now officially defunct (unless they hang out on their vacations or something), Villa & Messi sure did enjoy their on pitch and adidas promo time together. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – Xavi Hernandez & Andres Iniesta

23 Dec

BARCELONA - PARIS SAINT-GERMAINAs everyone knows, I’m not a fan of Xavi as a person, but oof, what a player. I don’t think anyone on the planet dislikes Iniesta and I admire his skills just as much. These two are each other’s biggest fan and their relationship goes all the way back to La Masia.  Continue reading

Champions League Round of 16

15 Dec

Satellite (16)The Champions League draw was earlier today and we found out our opponent for the Round of 16 and it’s….Schalke! Continue reading

El Chiringuito on El Clásico

6 Nov

real-madrid-barcelona-clasicoI’m not one for football pundits or commentators. In fact, I normally watch games with the sound off because I can’t stand to listen to the twaddle being peddled. Continue reading

Match Recap: Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona

28 Oct

tumblr_ne1x6zYgwF1tvk8meo3_1280400 million. That is the estimated number being reported as the viewership for this Clasico. Amazing, no? Want to know what I find really amazing? Neither Pepe nor Ramos logged a single foul in this game. NOT. A. ONE. In a Clasico. All hail the gods for such blessings. I count this statistic as a double win for Los Blancos. I may actually be more proud of this than the actual win. Only just a little though.

Continue reading

Pre-Clasico Presser

25 Oct


– Lois