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Prep For CSKA Begins

10 Dec

That is… an awkward angle.

Gotta admit, I was not thrilled with the game yesterday. I’m happy that G-Money scored but the way we lost steam and sparkle really concerned me. But we have to move forward because Wednesday brings the next Champions League match. Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Los Blancos

25 Dec

Merry Christmas for those celebrating today! Real Madrid began putting up their annual celebration photos and videos (with more to come). Here’s the first round of goodies. Continue reading

Ready To Meet Rayo

22 Apr

Satellite (13)The team finished their final session before meeting Rayo Vallecano tomorrow. Continue reading

Real Madrid C.F. Special — Gamedayplus Episode 7 — adidas Football

16 Feb

And I almost forgot! Marcelo, Arbeloa and Keylor in a Real Madrid-centric episode of Gamedayplus after the jump! Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Real Madrid

25 Dec

Satellite (6)

Well, the official Christmas video (and pictures) is out, but I certainly can’t wait for the annual bloopers

Friday Training, Christmas Lunch & Making A Tiny Woobins’ Day

18 Dec

Satellite (30)I had a long ass day and just got home so this is going to be a quick one. The team continued prepping for Rayo… Continue reading

Last Training Before C贸rdoba & Enjoying Madrid

23 Jan

Satellite (10)Looks like Cris is a happy camper today. Let’s hope that we see a lot of that in tomorrow’s match against C贸rdoba. Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part I

25 Dec

It’s time for the Christmas videos! (Alas, but no bloopers yet…). Here’s the first crop. The Mister wishes us happy holidays in 3 languages because he’s so awesome. And I assure you by the 3rd one you’ll be very sick of the “Let iiiiiiiiiiiiii-t sn-ohohohohohohohoh-w” tag line. Continue reading

Poppin’ Bottles With The ‘Peez

23 Dec

Satellite (4)Ah, the first of the Christmas videos/pictures has arrived. It’s the traditional “captains & coaches with FloPeezy” shoot. What a year it’s been! Get out the champagne, gentlemen, you’ve earned it! Continue reading

UPDATED: Break Out The Champagne

23 Dec

156-228-GRUPO_1AM2224Thumb,8The mothership posted the first of the holiday videos and photos. This one is with Flo Peezy and the coaches & captains of both the football and basketball teams.

We get to spend more time side eyeing The Ramos’ denim shirt/leather tie combo, now with quilted leather jacket added to complete the ensemble. Still looks as bad as it did last week. Continue reading