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The Daily Drool: Fernando Gago

28 Jul

fernando gagoHuh, Gago looks tons better than when he played with us (remember this hair?).  I realize it’s a fashion shoot but mad props, they made him look tasty and I never thought that before. The defensive midfielder now plays for Boca Juniors. He has represented Argentina at the U20, Olympic and senior levels.

It’s Official: Fernando Gago To Valencia

20 Jul

Even though we all knew this yesterday, Real Madrid finally announced it. “Real Madrid C. F. and Valencia C.F. have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of Fernando Gago.

There are reports that Canales has been sold to Valencia as well, but still no word from the mothership.  WAH! I’LL MISS YOU JAILBAIT!

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: Beaches, On The Road Again, Fish Or Dorito Breath?, That’s Not Fashion Honey! And More

19 Jul

Let’s start the bits and bobs off with Albiol today, shall we? I’ve been missing him and he’s not tweeting all that much. However, his vacation pals San Bernardino and Antonio Leon gifted us with a few piccies.  Continue reading

It’s Official: Arrivederci Fernando Gago

31 Aug

From Real Madrid.com

Real Madrid C. F. and AS Roma have reached an agreement for the loan of Fernando Gago to the Italian club.

Transfer Deadline Ends Tomorrow Night

30 Aug

So, the big day is finally upon us – the transfer deadline is tomorrow at midnight. I can’t wait until it’s over. However, we’ve got a few players whose fates are still up in the air.  It’s rumored that Gago is going to be off to Roma and Peter Lion back to Getafe.  And what of Lass? I’ve heard possibly Arsenal. Drenthe is rumored to be possibly heading to Galatasaray.  Kaka doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but it may come right down to the wire. Do you think there will be any last minute surprises and we’ll pick up a striker? Our bench is so damn deep as it is. I’m just looking forward to waking up to La Roja/Sernando pictures tomorrow. Perhaps that can take my mind off the last minute transfer deadline craziness.

Squad List for Zaragoza/ Mou Interview

27 Aug

The team practiced today behind closed doors and Mou followed up with an interview. He discussed Sahin’s new injury (!) and the situation with Lass, Drenthe, Gago and Pedro Leon. More on that shortly – here’s the squad list for the match.
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Love Is In The Air

9 Aug

unamadridista managed to track down better shots of the Di Maria/Cardoso and Gago/Dulko nuptials than I was able to (of course), so here are two shots courtesy of her awesome blog (read more at the link).  She mentioned that Fernando and Gisela had 2 ceremonies – 1 civil (my photo was from that) and a religious one (photo after the jump).
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Fun Stuff On Champions League Eve

12 Apr

Wa-tishista! Mais shared a picture that I have never seen of Ozil back in his Werder Bremen days getting a massage or facial or something while he has a giggle fit. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Fernando Gago!

10 Apr

I think Fernando Gago looks much less like “Lady Gago” as fans have taken to calling him lately since he cut his hair, don’t you?  Remember when  he used to look like this? His other nickname is El Pintita, which he got for constantly playing with his hair (a sin many Real/La Roja players seem to commit)! The Argentine National Team and Real Madrid defensive midfielder turns 25 today. Also, major mazel tovs are in order – It was recently announced that Pintita will marry his girlfriend, Argentine pro tennis player Gisela Dulko in July. Congrats and feliz cumpleaños!

Could Jailbait! Be Heading to Liverpool?

28 Mar

Our wee bebe revealed last week that he had rejected an offer from Liverpool during the January transfer window because he wanted to fight for a spot on Real Madrid’s first team. However, he could be headed there this summer, if news reports today are to be believed. It’s being suggested that there will be approximately 7  players cut from Mou’s squad this summer and the names being bandied about are Sergio Canales, Lass Diarra, Jerzy Dudek, Ezequiel Garay, Pedro Leon and Fernando Gago. I’ve been expecting the latter three to go for awhile, quite frankly. Does any of this surprise you guys? I mean, Jailbait! has only played 7 times this season. Peter Lion has barely played and got in a fist fight with Gago at training, making Mou pissed off at both of them. Any other names you think might get the chop? I’m thinking Kaka might be another one. And then of course the big question will be who are we going to buy?  Interesting times are ahead!