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How’s About A Little Llorente Before Dinner? (Or Is This Dessert?)

25 Sep

While watching that video of Bayern for Armani in the last post, I stumbled upon this interview with Fernando Llorente at the Armani show which then led to his GQ Spain photo shoot in June for the designer, which I completely missed! Blame it on the World Cup. Continue reading

Ready For Deportivo & Morata Update

19 Sep
Not pictured: Gareth Bale sobbing in a corner

Not pictured: Gareth Bale sobbing in a corner

The team seemed in high spirits today even though they were training in the rain today.  Continue reading

Morente or Llorata?

25 Aug

10597535_696668587093181_1003595421_nWatishista hopechaser, knowing my dreams of bromancing between these two, sent this to me earlier and I got ridiculously excited. mygypsyspirit also joined in the squeefest. (If Poldi goes  to Juve as rumored I think her head will explode).

They look like they’re saying “Hop in! We’ve got a whole day of fun planned.” Yes, please.

– Lozil

Bye Bye Babies: Morata & Casemiro Move On

20 Jul

As we mentioned on Friday, Morata has headed off to Juventus (more on that in a bit) but it’s also now been confirmed (as we also suspected) that Casemiro has left Madrid. He’s off to Porto on a season long loan with an option to buy at the end of it. Continue reading

It’s (Almost) Official: Morata In Turin To Complete Juventus Transfer

18 Jul

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was coming but it still hurts. King Muppet Baby has just arrived in Turin to complete his move to Juventus. Video of him arriving after the jump. Continue reading

Prepping For Valencia, Muppet Babies Making Bad Choices & 3 Who Get It Absolutely Right

19 Dec
I see they're already trying to get used to wearing pink.

I see they’re already trying to get used to wearing pink.

Sigh. I thought work was supposed to be calming down for me, but apparently not. I think they’re hell bent on working me 24/7 right up until tomorrow at 3 PM when I start my vacation. Sigh. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Fernando Llorente & Javi Martinez

3 Dec

fernandojavi01These two are so cute together when they’re with La Roja and they sure were at Athletic Bilbao. I’m wondering if they’re pining away for each other now that they’re in separate countries? Continue reading

A Whole Lotta La Roja Comin’ At Ya!

18 Nov


I would normally put this shot at the end of the post, with the rest of the social media goodies, but seriously…Pepe’s in his underwear. That’s an opening shot, not a closer! I don’t know why it took this pic for me to realize it, but Pepe is totally the type of guy who’s pants are off within seconds of getting in the door. Pepe, we love you for that & thank you for sharing. Continue reading

La Roja in Equatorial Guinea

15 Nov


Oh look, cuties on a plane! I’m going to forgive Javi’s thumbs up/point to ya homie combination, because I realize it could have been a lot worse…. He could’ve went all wangsta on us & posed with his chin resting between his thumb and index finger. Yeah, you know the pose. *sigh*

Continue reading

Safety in Uniforms

14 Nov


That’s right, you won’t find any fashion horrors in this La Roja post. Everyone has safely transitioned into NT life and it’s track suits all day, everyday. Not to worry though, there’s still a whole lotta of cute and sexayy to go around even if the boys are uniformed up. Thankfully, the weather is still warm enough for shorts! Hello muscley Spanish legs.

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