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Ready For Las Palmas

30 Oct
Cristiano shares his Great Pumpkin costume a day early.

Cristiano shares his Great Pumpkin costume a day early.

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Recovery Session & Corazon Classic Presentation

24 Apr

7The team held a recovery session today. The keepers trained outside while the starting field players from yesterday’s match trained inside. Cristiano and Fabio ran together outside for awhile before heading indoors. Casado, Mascarell and Willian José of Castilla joined the session on the pitch. (Training Video) Continue reading

When Gareth Met Crispy And Other Tales

12 Sep

tumblr_msynsnd0M91sbj3p3o1_1280Gareth arrived for his first real day of work yesterday looking for all the world like a schoolboy starting freshman year. Backwards cap? Check. Backpack? Check. Except it all probably cost bank. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Corazon Classic, Another ICC Update and More Sese In Sevilla

18 Apr

Hey peeps, it was a hell of a long day and I’m only finally getting around to posting. Ugh. Can’t believe it’s nearly 10 PM. So here’s a quick and dirty catch up post (mea culpa!) Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Raul & Fernando Morientes

31 Dec

20_cnrdlektWe’re going to end Epic Bromance Month with another classic: Raul & Fernando Morientes. Yep, Guti wasn’t Raul’s one and only but you can’t blame him with how much Guti bromanced around. Both of them are super hard to resist, obviously! Continue reading