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It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated…

1 Dec

20141125-fifa-fifpro-world-xi…but let’s hope we get as many of these as possible, shall we? ::grabby hands:: Hey, our players deserve it because they’re awesome. The shortlists were announced today and 12 of our players are on there (and a few of our former players). Continue reading

Prepping For Cornellà, Strategic Partnerships & Shortlisted!

28 Oct
Given half a chance, I'd tried to yank down his shorts too. WHO SAID THAT?

Given half a chance, I’d try to yank down his shorts too.

::cough:: said MyGypsySpirit ::cough:: (Who am I kidding? I happily depants Arbie with little or no provocation). The team had their final training at the Bernabeu before tomorrow’s Copa Del Rey clash with Cornellà. CR7 had the day off again while Medrán, Raúl de Tomás, Lucas Torró and Jaime from Castilla joined the big boys. (Video) Continue reading

Everybody Gets Back To Work… (And A London Reunion)

29 Oct

278-217-_VCM1663Thumb,36All of today’s Blatter balagan didn’t stop the boys from getting down to work. Some obnoxious old fart and his misguided attempts at “humor” aren’t going to break our stride. Pffft. We’re Real Madrid. We eat drama for breakfast. Continue reading

The Training Continues…

29 Nov

I know Xabi & Alvie are doing some sort of training maneuver but I can’t help imagining that they’re practicing their choreographed routine for the holiday party. They’re going to kick ass at the Electric Slide, yo! Continue reading

A Chat with Calleti & Award Noms

29 Oct

The weather certainly isn’t matching our Madridista high of yesterday, is it? I hope all our East Coast Watishistas are staying warm, calm, & safe. On the other side of the Atlantic, it’s business as usual, the boys trained in a closed session and Callejon gave a little interview to Bwin. Callejon always has the best things to say about his club & team, he’s just all kinds of wonderful! Also, the full nominee lists for the Ballon d’Or & FIFA Coach of the Year were released today. We should all be very happy & proud to know that our club tops the list with the most nominees! I really, really, hope one of our boys gets the award this year, because I really want to call the award Ballon d’Ours, has a nice ring to it, huh? Ok, first up is Calleti & his Madridista pride.

Continue reading