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When Frankenshirt Met Frankendress & Other Tales from London

24 Sep

One of the fun things to do every year is see what outrageous fashion appears at The Best awards. I mean, Dani Alves is always worth a look – remember when he went apeshit with a bedazzler? And Messi never disappoints in his sartorial faux pas. Ah, but our Sese in a class by himself as is his missus. The happy couple hit the plane attired in their signature idiosyncractic style. Special shoutout to Pilar’s tangerine studded leather jacket because that is truly something and Sergio is just bein’ Sergio. Note the Frankenshirt. I swear to fuck, this man cannot purchase something that hasn’t been pieced together from seven different other garments. I bet his fave Dolly Parton song is “Coat of Many Colors” Anyhow, at first glance, it’s Frankenlicious, but tame for Sergio. But you really need to see the full thing… Continue reading

Data Dive with FIFPro (Male) World XI 2016

9 Feb

world-11-2016For those of you who enjoy a good data set like me, FIFPro has provided multiple breakdowns of the voting for the male player popularity contest know as the World11. And yes, the “male” adjective is necessary as I wouldn’t want anyone to think female players were included in the selection of this herd, err, group? gang? wassup homebois? the sullen and the tanned? Continue reading

Training & Celebrating

10 Jan

_he10281thumbWell, it’s another long work day, another drive by for me while today was one of training & celebrating for the guys. Continue reading

Best Of The Best

9 Jan

_he10130Well, I got home from work at 10 PM so that tells you what kind of day I just had. But you know who had a good day? These guys! (And a few more not in the picture). It was FIFA’s Best awards in Zurich. Continue reading

Thursday Pre-ClasicoTraining

1 Dec

_3am0806thumbIt’s almost time for El Clasico! And Sese is looking rather peppy. I love the balls hovering above his head, on his back foot and by his knee and how he is in midair. Continue reading

Congrats On The Awards! Now Get Back To Work

12 Jan

SatelliteThe team gave our boys who were named to the FIFA FIFPro World Eleven some love and then got right back to work in preparation for Sunday’s match with Sporting Gijon. Continue reading

UPDATED: Ballon D’os & Ballon D’ont’s

11 Jan

I gotta say absolutely everything today, including the Ballon D’Or, paled in comparison to the loss of David Bowie, an icon and a true pioneer who affected my life on every level.  Continue reading

Prepping For Eibar

27 Nov

Satellite (11)I hope all the American watishista/os had a lovely Thanksgiving. I spent the day cooking for the two dinners I went to and then eating approximately my body weight in delicious food. Needless to say, there was no activity today because I felt like a beached whale. The team, however, was working their fine arses off to prepare for Sunday’s match vs. Eibar. Continue reading

Ready To Take On Atleti!

14 Jan

Satellite (5)Dunno why but for some reason this picture just reminded me of ribbon candy. Hmmmm, must be all the mind altering cold drugs I’m on. Continue reading

It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated…

1 Dec

20141125-fifa-fifpro-world-xi…but let’s hope we get as many of these as possible, shall we? ::grabby hands:: Hey, our players deserve it because they’re awesome. The shortlists were announced today and 12 of our players are on there (and a few of our former players). Continue reading