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Fighting The Good Fight: You Can Play – The Faceoff

9 Mar

I know this is hockey-related (hey, never hurts to look at Henrik Lundqvist, now does it?) but the message is very important. Continue reading

Ambassador Xabi

8 Feb

Xabi was named an ambassador to the Women’s Foundation for Africa. He went with FloPeezy (who is a patron) today to the presentation of the foundation at the Reina Sofia.  He also spoke a bit about the team.

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In Your Honor… And A Watishista Working For Good

31 Dec

I don’t “do” Christmas presents. Everyone I know has too much, including myself. I’m well and truly blessed. What I “do” is donations – that’s my way of playing Santa. I donate to a wide range of organizations. Some of the things I’m passionate about are animals, children, micro-finance, LGBT issues and homelessness. As I was making the last of my year end donations, I was giving to an international children’s charity and I noticed something fun – you could donate soccer balls! S0 in addition to my regular donation, I added a bunch of soccer balls in your honor. The ‘memorial’ dedication was “From watishistas everywhere” 🙂  I’ve traveled a fair bit and one thing has been constant : seeing kids everywhere kicking a ball – sometimes, just a makeshift one – with great zeal. So I thought it was a fitting first birthday gift for HB & HB – spreading the joy of the game we love and letting kids in rough situations, if only for a few moments, be kids.

One of our own, watishista Sierra Gutiérrez is currently working on a charitable project revolving around a favela in Brazil and asked me to share a bit about it. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Champions League Group D: Derk Boerrigter

16 Nov

Winger Derk returned to Ajax in the summer of 2011. He had signed his first pro deal with the team in 2006-2007 but was loaned out to Haarlem. He just got his first call up to the Dutch National Team in November 2011. You know what else is hot about Derk? He supports Red Card Homophobia and that makes him beyond awesome in my book. Taking a stand is sexy. Good on you, Hot Stuff!

– Lozil

From Red Card Homophobia: FIFA Must Commit to Anti-Homophobia Campaign

19 Jul

I thought I would share this great post from over on Red Card Homophobia’s site. It’s a common sense call to action for FIFA, UEFA and national associations to outright denounce homophobia instead of merely paying lip service to the concept. And action by football’s governing authorities is long overdue.

FIFA Must Commit to Anti-Homophobia Campaign
July 19, 2011
by Red Card Homophobia

In our campaign for the eradication of homophobia in football, one of the issues that we at Red Card Homophobia have repeatedly highlighted is the need for top-down reform from the game’s most powerful bodies. Being a grass-roots organisation, we understand the importance of reaching out to football supporters one by one, to change attitudes and foster a more accepting environment in which gay football players can be as open and proud as their straight counterparts.
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Real Men Aren’t Afraid To Kiss Other Men When They Score

1 Jun

Sorry to bombard you with content today, but there’s so much going on! Scruby from one of our fave sites, Red Card Homophobia posted this piece over on ONTD_Football and I thought it was worth sharing.  It was Google Translated from this article so it may be a bit off (any of our lovely Spanish speakers want to have a go at translating the article?) but the gist of it is as follows…
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Gay Turkish Referee Seeks Compensation

31 May

ISTANBUL (AP)—A former referee is seeking compensation from the Turkey Football Federation for allegedly outing him and dismissing him for being gay.
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Let’s Be Serious For A Moment…

25 May

Watishista! Ciotog passed this on to me tonight and I think everyone should take a few minutes to watch it. As you know, homophobia is a subject that gets a lot of attention here (and rightly so). ABC News has a TV show called What Would You Do?  It’s a hidden camera set up where unsuspecting people are exposed to various situations to see their reactions. They have featured such issues as racism, pregnant teens and this week, gay parenting. In the scenario (the clip is on Perez Hilton’s site), gay parents in a restaurant with their children are discriminated against by the waitress. Please note, these people (the family and waitress) are actors. The people watching the scenario are not. The reactions may surprise you. Watch the arseholes try to weasel their way out of it when they’re caught and see everyday people be heroes. Also, how the reaction changes if the parents are a male or female couple. This taping was done in Dallas, Texas. They make a point about the result being different when the same test was done in NYC a year prior, but I’d really love to know where they filmed (whether it was in a restaurant filled with out of towners or NYers) because I think that would definitely have an effect on reaction for a number of reasons (language obstacles, etc.) I’d like to think my fellow city dwellers would stand up against bullies. I’ve seen it time and again here.

Anyhow, thank you so much for sharing this, Ciotog. This clip made me cry. It does my heart good to know that there are some people out there who will stand up for what’s right.