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Training & Much More

31 May

Los Blancos continue to prepare for the Champions League final on Saturday. Just three days aways! ::starts biting nails:: Continue reading

Marta > Neymar

9 Aug

o-MARTA-570This is Bernardo. He recently switched his footballing allegiance from Neymar to Marta in a most emphatic way. Continue reading

Catching Up, A Few Thoughts And Family News

16 Nov

Satellite (13)The team had a moment of silence before training today in tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Continue reading

All Eyes On Odegaard & More

29 Jan

Satellite (9)Wonder kid/Muppet Baby Martin Odegaard had his first training with the team today. (Video) Cristiano worked out indoors. Pepe and Lukita continue with their recovery. Continue reading

Calling Amazing Women and Fans!

30 Jul

who-wins-the-womens-soccer-world-cup-21530055A request from mygypsyspirit:

I’m beginning work on a photo project involving awesome female fans and players of our beautiful game. My intention is to show the diversity and passion of females through the sport. I know we often feel neglected as fans. I’ve personally felt my loyalties, knowledge, and passion have been questioned. I’ve witnessed it with plenty of other other women (including a few of you). Continue reading

Immortal Fans – Sport Club Recife

18 Jun

This completely and utterly blew me away (and made me weepy – truth be told). What an fantastic campaign – just brilliant. (Via @jimmyconrad)

I’m signed up to be an organ donor myself. I like the thought that once I shuffle off this mortal coil, I’ll be able to help someone continue on. You can see in the video how important it is to the recipients and their families. The fact that they were able to wipe out some of the waiting lists is amazing.

– Lozil

Kuwait Is Doing It Up Right!

15 May

Wow! Kuwait is going all out for Los Blancos. They have gone from activity to activity all evening long it seems. Mou and Iker did a presser, looking relaxed and happy. Continue reading

Bare Arses, Kittens, Curlers, Happy Returns, Sad Leave-Takings, Inspirational Tales, Tired Boys

21 Mar

Hooray for the Internet! Yesterday’s arse slide was bound to show up on YouTube and sure enough, one quick Google and I had the footage. Poor Filipe Luis. Can’t be easy having your arse bared to millions of people on live television, but honey, you have nothing to be ashamed of – that’s a nice booty! And check out my boo getting all aggro and shove-y. He’s a little spitfire when he’s after the ball. Remember when he shoved the referee?

More Bits and Bobs within…

Continue reading