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Wednesday Training, Alvaro With The Kids, Sese In Sevilla, International Champions Cup Update & More

17 Apr

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (8)Wow, this day has really gotten away from me. Here’s a quick catch up post now as I’m off to a Red Bulls match tonight.

The team returned to training today including Kaka and Mesut. Joining them were Castilla’s Alex and Casemiro. Continue reading

The Valley Of The Dolls

5 Apr

Jose3So my inbox was newly assaulted after those Barca training shirts with an offer from the RM online shop to purchase my very own Real Madrid Soccer Starz dolls. You know I sure ain’t going to pass up some shiz that gives me nightmares, so I just had to go and take a look.

At first gasp, they seem rather benevolent, at least in the packaging. Mou looks, ahem, more “fresh faced” than usual but hey, if I had a doll made of myself, I’d be thrilled if they removed my under eye bags, so fair enough. Upon closer inspection, you start to see some things that are missing from each doll… Continue reading

UPDATED: Preparing For Deportivo/Grand Opening

20 Feb

Entrenamiento (8)The boys are fully back to work today, preparing for Saturday’s match vs. Deportivo. They were joined by reserve player Burgui  Benz stayed inside (the better to take selfies in the gym, no doubt) and Iker worked on his recovery.  Animo capi! Continue reading

It’s Footy Art Time!

16 Feb

Cristiano RonaldoSeems like there’s a lot of fo0ty-centric art around these days. I was planning on doing something on the MLS/FAN collaboration already, when I stumbled upon some new 8 Bit Football goodies. Then watishista mygypsyspirit sent me these great pieces that she found on the tumblr of gokalp61. I don’t have proper attribution for the artist, so if you know who did these, please let me know so that I can give them proper credit.  They’re terrific! Continue reading

Are You Ready?

30 Jan

Concentraciýn (3)Lots of meetings and racing around today has kept me from an update. Perhaps it’s for the best – gave me less time to stress. The Clasico is upon us!

Continue reading

Christmas Keeps Coming And Other Bits & Bobs

30 Dec

The Christmas videos keep coming and additional pictures. Guess they wanted to prolong the holiday season? Oh well, I’ll take it no matter how late Continue reading

Some Quick Bits & Bobs: Bebe Iker, BeIn Sport featuring Real Madrid TV, David Luiz Shares News & Hot Booty Rubdown Action And Brokeback Clasico

3 Dec

I know I ate a little more than necessarySome super quick bits and bobs that I stumbled over today: Iker posted this shot of himself on Instagram captioning it “I know I ate a little more than necessary” Awwwww, Iker! Don’t beat up on your bebe self and his cute pinchable cheeks! You were adorable and still are. Such a serious kidlet though. It reminds me of that hilarious picture of wee disappointed Xavi. No wonder these two get along so well. Continue reading

Some Cool Spanish Footy Shirts

29 Nov

This website, El Balonazo, has cool footy shirts that focus solely on Spanish soccer. They have shirts for all the teams in La Liga and some others (Racing Santander, Villareal, Oviedo). Happy shopping! (I think I need the one in the picture, for sure).

– Lozil


READ THIS: Got A Poland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Holland or Portugal Euro 2012 Jersey?

6 Jun

Oh boy, looks like a warning has been issued for these official kits by the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC) because of “worrying” levels of chemicals and in some cases, over the legal limit for lead. Um, I own two of these kits. Hooray for me. Read more about it here and here. Read both articles. It’s no joke, y’all. WTF?! These are jerseys made by Adidas, Nike & Puma.  If you kill us, arseholes, we can’t buy your products. Did that ever occur to you? I guess the jerseys are so ridiculously overpriced because they come with extra added lead poisoning. Gee, thanks. Guess I’ll only be wearing that Ozil jersey over something and for a very short time. Same for the Spain jersey.  Sheesh. It’s enough to make you glad to buy the cheap knock offs on Ebay. If I’m going to get chemical poisoning, might as well not pay top dollar for the “privilege.”

– Lozil

Aiiiieeee! A Sernando T-Shirt!

2 Jun

OMFG! Tricky sneaky watishisto Peter did NOT tell me that he was going to immortalize the sweet moment after Nando’s goal vs. South Korea. I went to his site to get the link so I could publicize the fact that he has most kindly offered one of his shirts to the winner of our Euro 2012 pool as a prize (winner’s choice!) and tripped over this. I am now even more motivated to wipe the floor with y’all. 😉 There’s still time to join the HB & HB Euro 2012 pool.

– Lozil