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Have A Little Sexism With Your Holiday Cheer!

10 Dec

Watching BeIn Sport this weekend, this commercial made my blood pressure rise every single time it came on. Continue reading

Updated: Fans Behaving Badly, Part 80,199

21 Dec

AZ Alkmaar Goalkeeper Esteban defended himself after a so called Ajax “fan” ran on to the pitch and attacked. Esteban didn’t hold back and kicked the bastard good a couple of times. What the everlovin’ fuck was security doing at this time that the guy was able to get onto the pitch and attack an opposing team’s player? If someone came to my job and blitz attacked me like that, I’d probably react the same way Esteban did. Shameful behavior and it’s a shame that the act of one arsehole sullies the name of Ajax fans. However, this guy is no fan – he’s a straight up thug. What a doucheweed.

Updated: Apparently, Esteban was red carded for defending himself from the drunken fan whose excuse was that he “didn’t like” the goalkeeper. The entire AZ team left the pitch at the behest of their coach – not sure whether it was in protest or for safety reasons – and the match was suspended. What a clusterfuck!

– Lozil

Wackass Bullshit

7 Jun

The Iranian women’s football team were banned from playing, moments before an Olympic qualifier against Jordan, because of their strip. Photograph: Ali Jarekji/Reuters

Iran’s women footballers banned from Olympics because of Islamic strip

Iran’s dream of competing in the London 2012 Olympic women’s football tournament have been crushed by an unexpected ruling that their Islamic dress broke Fifa rules, said a football federation official in Tehran.
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8 Apr

Hey, Barca – you like fingers so much? Well, I’ve got a finger for you.

Stop being a bunch of smug classless fucks. If the tables were turned and we did something like this, you would go absolutely ballistic and the press would tear us a new one. And don’t pooh-pooh it and say “Oh that’s not what it means” like Pique did after the last Clasico. You know exactly what you’re doing. And it’s lame.  You’re a a great team (and I don’t hate on you), but your graciousness leaves much to be desired. And this sort of crap is beneath you or any other side. I would be pissed as hell if Los Blancos did something like this. So yeah, all I’ve got to say is this: Barca? STFU.