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USA – All Hail the Four Time World Champions!

14 Jul

Vive la USA! Congratulations to the USA for winning back to back World Cups and for winning their fourth title overall. Amazing records! Is America great again now? Continue reading

European Champions Make it to the World Cup Final; Sweden to Play England in the 3rd Place Match

5 Jul

It took nearly 100 minutes but the Netherlands have made it to their first World Cup Final. Considered the dark horse of the tournament, the Netherlands have demanded patience from their large group of traveling fans as they tend to wait until the last minute to finish out their matches. But patience is a virtue and the Oranje will meet the United States on Sunday for the final. Continue reading

European Champions Send Brave Italy Home

1 Jul

First things first – this match was HOT. So hot that both coaches requested that the match be moved into the later hours of the day, especially since there was no night match being held that night. Sadly, but not surprisingly, FIFA said no. However, both teams had to handle these scorching temperatures and they did have two “cooling breaks” so while it wasn’t great for either team, neither team had it worse than the other. Continue reading

A tired Norway is out; England on to the Semis

1 Jul

This was not the game I expected. I thought that this would be a hard fought match. However, the Norway we saw against Australia was not the Norway that showed up here. (And to be honest, that exhausting game may well have been the reason for Norway’s performance.) It’s a shame for many reasons. But the one reason I want to mention is that this result may give England a false sense of confidence. Yes, they won 3-0. However, their play continues to be sloppy and their defense is questionable. They just have been lucky that they have not had to pay for their iffy play. Continue reading

Italy Gets the Job Done and Move onto the Quarterfinals

27 Jun

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I’m a die-hard Italian fan. The Azzurri and the Azzurre both hold a strong place in my heart. But sometimes even I have to question some of their decisions. Like Tuesday night. The Macarena? Really? Continue reading

Cameroon under investigation after Round of 16 match with England; England progress to the Quarterfinals

26 Jun

I have to admit. This is a rough report to write. There’s the match and then there’s what went on in the match, at half time, after the match and now the aftermath. This is a developing story so keep a look out. Teri and I both have some thoughts but I’ll start with the actual report first and then we’ll get into it. Continue reading

I Hate Penalties!

26 Jun

I don’t care who is playing. I don’t care what event it is. I don’t care how even the match is. I hate penalties. I hate them. It’s a lousy way to end a match. Period. I hate them. Continue reading

Spain Wins First Match; South Africa Scores First Ever World Cup Goal

22 Jun

Spain received the full three points with three late goals including 2 penalties, to save them from a shock loss to South Africa who scored their first ever World Cup goal and led for the first seventy minutes. Continue reading

China and Spain draw level to close out Group B; Both Progress to the Round of 16

22 Jun

China and Spain finish group play in a scoreless draw. China will go through as one of the best Third Place teams and Spain are runners up for Group B. Continue reading

Germany Win the Group

22 Jun

Germany had a resounding victory against South Africa to close out their Group stage play. Four goals allowed the Germans to exit group play as Group B Winners. Continue reading