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England win Group D

21 Jun

Japan and England were both through to the Round of 16 but this match was quite competitive. The scoreline was a little bit misleading as both goal keepers worked very hard and kept the totals low. However, the Lionesses will prefer to meet Cameroon than the Netherlands and will be happy with the win. Continue reading

Cameroon are through to the Round of 16!

21 Jun

It was the last day of the Group stages and both Cameroon and New Zealand had everything on the line. Due to the convoluted rules regarding the Best Third Place teams advancing, both teams were in a must win situation. It was either win and score two goals or go home. At times, it appeared that both teams were evenly matched – in possession, in physicality but at the end of it all, Cameroon were through. In the second half, Cameroon were able to make it happen. New Zealand have the talent but they didn’t have the energy or the consistency to pull through. Continue reading

Scottish Heartbreak

21 Jun

HopeChaser told me this was quite the match and she wasn’t kidding. Both Argentina and Scotland had everything to play for and both of them left it all on the field to the bitter end. And the morale of the story is – don’t let up until the final whistle blows. Scotland was up by 3 and gave it away in the last thirty minutes of the match. Even five minutes of extra time could not help Scotland in their must win situation. Continue reading

Welcome to the Sam Kerr Show!

21 Jun

That is not completely fair because, yes, Sam Kerr had an amazing showing but Jamaica ended their World Cup run with plenty to be proud of. Both sets of fans were ready for action. Continue reading

Italy Win Group C even with a Loss to Brazil; Marta Breaks a Record

19 Jun

Regardless of how you feel about Marta, she is a force to be reckoned with and now she has a record to prove it.

Continue reading

England progress but Correa shines

18 Jun

England were heavy favorites for this match and came roaring out of the gates from the word Go. However, it did not appear that they were expecting the Argentine Keeper to be prepared for the long fight. Within the first two minutes, Bronze was on the deck after a collision with Borroso and Cometti had fed a nice ball to Jaimes which was called for offsides. All within the first two minutes. Continue reading

Japan back on track while Scotland have a déjà vu result

15 Jun

Now THAT’s the Japan we know and love! Japan came into this match, disappointed with their scoreless draw with Argentina but it may have sparked a fire in their bellies as they were energetic and strong right from the start. Scotland, while losing their match against England, did not have the same fuel they had in their first match and looked somewhat sluggish in comparison. Continue reading

Cinque Terror?

15 Jun

Sorry for the really bad pun but a five goal fest put Italy on top of Group C on Friday and folks are starting to put two and two together. If you invest in a women’s league and give the ladies some resources, good things may indeed happen. Continue reading

What a Comeback! Australia comes from two goals behind to win against Brazil

13 Jun

Drama, drama, drama! VAR, an own goal, a penalty- What else could you want from a footie match! And these two rivals…who have knocked each other out of tournaments in the past … were coming in with two entirely different first round experiences. Australia was a bit shocked by their loss against Italy where Brazil were riding high from a 3-0 win against Jamaica. Continue reading

Don’t Cry for Argentina!

13 Jun

A surprise point for Argentina!

Both Japan and Argentina can be considered in the rebuilding stage but this scoreless tie felt more like a win for Argentina. While there is some good news coming from Argentina regarding a women’s league in the near future, the Argentine women have had little to no support in the recent past. Their team was considered “inactive” from 2015-2017. So getting to the World Cup and performing well could go a long way for this team. Continue reading