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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Andrea Pirlo & David Villa (And Sometimes Lamps)

30 Dec

soccer070715eIt’s weird to see King Bitchface von Sex Beard and The Most Stoic Man In Football™ smiling  but they seem to bring out the love in each other. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group D: Lampard and Lampard

26 Jun

Lampard-Photo 1Little Leandro Lampard was born on the day Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League in 2012. Yes, I remember that day well. Booyah! To celebrate that occasion his dad Leandro Tavares Guedes, a long-time Chelsea fan, decided to name his new baby boy after England and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. Continue reading

It’s Official: Welcome To New York, King Bitchface Von Sex Beard!

3 Jun

10387833_238043819726294_1243353568_nWork and other real life crap has been keeping me to drive by posting lately so I’ve got a bumper crop of stuff to get up on the blog. Here’s the first one…

When I got home on Sunday night and saw the 5 1/2 minute video that Guaje made for Atleti fans to say goodbye, I knew that it was just a matter of time before NYC FC announced signing him. I didn’t have to wait long. Continue reading

adidas Gamedayplus | Making the UEFA Champions League Finale Ball

10 Feb

The adidas football channel had this interesting little bit on how the Champions League final ball was made. Thought I’d share it… Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: John Terry

24 Apr

31266354I can already hear the blood curdling screams as another controversial figure appears (fair enough, I’m with you) but folks, that’s the whole point of Drool Amnesty! Here’s watishista Laurean’s rationale: “Ugh my guilty pleasure is probably John Terry. I can’t help but find him hot! But I still want to smack him lol. His bromance with Lampsey is my fave in the premier league.”  I gotta admit that particular bromance begat my all time favorite Futbol Text From Last Night.

Watishista Jenny found us something redeemable about John (not that it excuses all the bad behavior, mind): “I would not screw him, but he pays, out of his own salary, for Chelsea’s women’s team because the board was going to disband them as a cost-saving measure. I like that about him. ”  From the looks of this article, he doesn’t foot the entire bill, but he’s a big help and also acts as their president.

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Frank Lampard

17 Apr

Frank LampardWatishista number1barcachick says “my secret shame would be frank lampard im also a arsenal fan so this is sacrilege but he is just ughhh those eyes what i would like to do to him.” Frank has been a solo Drool and one with his epic bromantic true wuv, John Terry.

Training, Another Haircut, Mou Talks Cris, Legal Woes & I Wouldn’t Mind A Bite Of That

7 Mar

Entrenamiento (10)Well, now that the boys are back to work, guess I have to get with the program too! The boys got back to training in preparation for Sunday’s match against Celta. The big news was Morata’s shaven head. I think he looks adorable and when he said yesterday that he shaved it off because he promised the ninos at the children’s hospital he would, it made him even more beautiful in my eyes. Good for you, Alvaro.  He posted some pictures on Twitter and his teammates couldn’t resist petting him.  Continue reading

And Now A Commercial Break With Arsenal And Chelsea

8 May

Arsenal introduced their new kit with this “target” campaign that’s a lot of fun. Watch after the end of the commercial for a second spot where Wojciech Szczęsny lands a shot on Le Professeur’s car. Continue reading

Go Blancos Go! But First, Stretch A Bit

27 Mar

Our fine gentlemen left their hotel and headed off for pre-match stretchies before the game with APOEL this afternoon. Continue reading

Catching Up Before Sociedad

24 Mar

Quite a bit to catch up on since I was slacking yesterday. I left work and had a couple hours to kill before I met JOD & Dollo for dinner. It was a gorgeous day so I walked from my office near Battery Park through Tribeca, over into Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, the East Village and finally, the Lower East Side. I stopped into my fave shops along the way and just enjoyed having the leisure to do things. About a bazillion mojitos later (with great food and even better company), I stumbled home and slept like a log. Bliss! Onto to the footy stuff! Here’s the boys arriving for the closed training yesterday. I see Sergio has gotten himself a new purple jacket and matching purple bag! ::snort:: Ever coordinated, our Sese. Continue reading